9 Kdrama Actors in Kpop Music Videos Who Stole the Spotlight: Han So-hee, Park Seo-joon and Others

K-pop music videos have captured the hearts of millions around the globe, establishing themselves as a cultural phenomenon that extends beyond mere auditory pleasure. What sets K-pop music videos apart is their meticulous attention to visual aesthetics, choreography, and storytelling. Another intriguing aspect is the occasional inclusion of popular Kdrama actors in Kpop music videos, bridging the gap between the music and television industries.

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By featuring beloved Korean actors in their videos, these groups not only tap into the widespread admiration for these stars but also create synergies between two influential facets of South Korean entertainment. This collaborative approach adds an extra layer of excitement for fans, fostering a cross-genre appeal that contributes to the widespread adoration of K-pop MV.

9 Kdrama Actors in Kpop Music Videos

Han So-hee in Jungkook’s Seven

Seven is one of those songs that captivates you to the point where you can’t resist singing along, thanks to its irresistible blend of beats and lyrics. The music video, propelled to instant success, owes much of its popularity to the dynamic presence of both Jungkook and Han So-hee. While she has already showcased her incredible acting skills in various dramas like My Name, Gyeongseong Creature etc, her involvement in the music video adds a special touch. Effortlessly translating her on-screen charisma into the realm of music, she enhances the song with her mesmerising beauty and magnetic allure. Han So-hee’s unique and enchanting energy elevates the visual storytelling of the music video, making it all the more special.

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Jung Ho-yeon in NewJeans’ Cool With You & Get Up

NewJeans has consistently radiated brilliance since its debut, swiftly gaining massive recognition within its peer group. In their latest album, standout tracks Cool With You & Get Up feature a captivating collaboration with Jung Ho-yeon and Tony Leung. Riding on the waves of acclaim earned through her stellar performance in Squid Game, Jung Ho-yeon takes centre stage in the music video, portraying a mystical, invisible being captivated by a human. Unveiling a transformative journey for love, she sheds both her past and garments.

In the side B video, Tony Leung, embodying a cupid, intervenes, steering the mortal’s affection away and towards someone new. This visual narrative garnered significant praise from the South Korean fanbase, echoing the acclaim received for Ho-yeon’s portrayal of the immortal character.

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Song Joong-ki in Heize’s HAPPEN  

This track seamlessly blends a funky disco groove with Heize’s poignant vocal delivery, skillfully conveying the melancholic theme at its core. The icing on the cake is the exceptional music video featuring Song Joong-ki, celebrated for his versatile talents in the entertainment industry. Known for his charismatic presence and acting prowess, Song Joong-ki adds another dimension to the video, enhancing its overall appeal.

The music video unfolds a charming narrative about two individuals, expertly exploring the contrasting possibilities of fate and its associations with new beginnings. Set against a vibrant, almost toy-like backdrop, the video adopts the classic meet-cute trope, creating a visually captivating story. Song Joong-ki’s remarkable ability to convey intricate emotions with subtlety and authenticity transforms each frame into a visual delight for fans. His enduring influence in the entertainment realm is evident, solidifying his impact on the music video and entertainment industry as a whole.

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Lee Min-ho in Dara’s KISS

Lee Min-ho’s inclusion in music videos is truly captivating and charismatic. The South Korean actor, celebrated for his striking appearance and undeniable charm, introduces a magnetic allure to the realm of music visuals. Whether through his intense gaze, confident demeanour, or impeccable sense of style, he effortlessly enhances the overall aesthetic of any music video he graces.

A noteworthy instance was his appearance alongside Dara from 2NE1 in the KISS MV, a collaboration that set tongues wagging. The palpable chemistry between them, combined with the infectious energy of the party song, was nothing short of a delight for fans. Their on-screen synergy was so compelling that it left fans yearning for them to star together in a drama, as they looked exceptionally good together.

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Park Seo-joon in Bang Yong-guk’s I Remember

I Remember stands as a remarkable and unexpected collaboration between the eminent rapper Bang Yongguk from B.A.P and the talented vocalist Yang Yoseob from BEAST. The music video features the newly debuted actor Park Seojoon and actress Han Sooyeon, engaging viewers in a dramatic and passionate love-hate narrative between the protagonists. The video encapsulates a spectrum of emotions— from intense love and anger to compelling scenes of glaring and shouting, complemented by a series of evocative flashbacks. The storyline unfolds with a gripping plot involving a girl held hostage by a gang, surrounded by SWAT teams, creating an action-packed and dramatic atmosphere.

This music video becomes a captivating amalgamation of various elements, including compelling rap and vocal performances, skilful acting, and intense drama woven seamlessly together. The emotional depth conveyed through the visuals and the music creates a powerful impact on the audience. One can’t help but be immersed in the riveting narrative that unfolds within the video

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Park Hyung-shik in Peakboy’s Gyopo Hairstyle

Following the strong bond among BTS members, the cherished camaraderie of the Wooga Squad has become a focal point for ARMYs. In a gesture of friendship and support for Peakboy, Park Hyung-shik, Choi Woo-shik, Park Seo-joon, and BTS’ V made memorable appearances in his K-pop music video for Gyopo Hairstyle.

Within the video, Choi Woo-shik takes on the role of a photographer, Park Hyung-shik portrays a disgruntled customer, and Park Seo-joon assumes the character of a camera director attempting to rein in a dancing Peakboy on a rendition of The Tonight Show. BTS’ V, making a return to acting since his debut in Hwarang, charmingly stars as a waiter, emulating Leonardo DiCaprio from The Great Gatsby, before presenting a cocktail glass to a version of Peakboy.

The music video not only showcases the lighthearted and entertaining sides of each cameo actor but also highlights the genuine friendship they share in real life. Securing such a star-studded cast for a music video is a challenging feat, but Peakboy manages to bring them all together, underscoring the depth of their connections and the joyous atmosphere they create on set.

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Seo Ye-ji in BIGBANG’s Let’s Not Fall In Love

Seo Ye-ji garnered significant recognition following her role in the drama It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. However, she wasn’t new to the acting scene, as her appearance in the music video for Let’s Not Fall In Love was widely acclaimed, depicting her as G-Dragon’s romantic interest. Beyond her acting prowess, her collaborations in music videos not only enhance the visual appeal but also contribute to the overall emotional depth of the songs. These ventures showcase her versatility as an artist, leaving a lasting impression on viewers and elevating the storytelling within the concise yet impactful medium of a musical, visual journey.

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Park Min-young in BIG BANG’s Haru Haru

While Park Min-young was no stranger to the world of acting, her role in this particular instance marked a significant turning point in her career, propelling her fame to new heights. Cast as G-Dragon’s on-screen partner, Min-young skilfully portrays a character who feigns betrayal by dating his friend T.O.P., embodying the role of the heartbroken girlfriend with undeniable perfection.

Delving into the intricacies of the K-pop music video, it becomes evident that G-Dragon’s character undergoes a misunderstanding, further fuelled by the actions of T.O.P. and Park Min-young’s characters. Beyond its narrative elements, the music video for Haru Haru also played a crucial role in solidifying the distinctive BIGBANG sound, contributing to the song’s widespread popularity and making it one of the group’s most iconic tracks.

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Park Bo-young in IU’s Only I Didn’t Know

Park Bo-young’s portrayal in the music video is nothing short of extraordinary, as she delivers a performance charged with raw emotion, adding depth and authenticity to the narrative. Her ability to convey the complexities of heartache enhances the visual experience, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

The K-pop music video for Only I Didn’t Know showcases the remarkable performances of Park Bo-young and the iconic IU. In this visual masterpiece, the Strong Girl Bong-soon actress skillfully immerses herself in the poignant narrative, seemingly reliving the heartbreak of days past with a faceless figure portrayed by Yoon Sang. The video seamlessly weaves IU’s soulful singing with the emotive storyline, creating a captivating and harmonious blend.

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