A Girlgroup Considered to be Perfect Successor of BLACKPINK

According to Korean media, YG is focusing on the debut of the new girl group, expected to carry on the success of BLACKPINK

Amidst the rumors of Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa possibly moving to another company, YG’s stock price plummeted, dropping over 15% in a single trading day.

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Facing this turbulence, YG must now minimize risks and seek growth opportunities. The company’s future prospects are heavily reliant on the debut of the new girl group, BABYMONSTER. However, details about their debut remain a mystery.


On September 21st, data from the Korean stock exchange showed YG Entertainment’s stock price falling to 69,200 won (approximately $51.59 USD) per share, a sharp decrease of 13.28% from the previous day’s price of 79,800 won (about $59.50 USD) per share. This wiped out nearly $100 million from YG’s market capitalization in just one day, reaching its lowest level in nearly five months.

As contract negotiations between BLACKPINK members and YG remain uncertain, shareholders’ concerns are on the rise.

In the meantime, YG Entertainment is reportedly focusing on the debut of BABYMONSTER, the first girl group to debut under YG in approximately seven years. The group consists of seven members from diverse backgrounds, including South Korea (Ahyeon, Haram, Laura), Thailand (Parita, Chiquita), and Japan (Luca, Asa), and they are touted for their singing, dancing, rapping skills, and attractive appearances.


Even before their official debut, BABYMONSTER has garnered over 3 million YouTube subscribers and over 50 million views for their pre-debut MV, “Dream,” in just three months. The song encapsulates the journey towards dreams and new beginnings. According to YG’s June statistics, the group’s YouTube channel accumulated over 500 million views, reflecting high expectations from global music fans for “BLACKPINK’s sister group.”

BABYMONSTER’s debut project is under the guidance of Yang Hyun Suk, and although the group has started their project, their debut date remains undecided. Their debut song will be in the hip-hop genre.


According to Star News, while renewing contracts with BLACKPINK is essential for YG to achieve sustainable growth, the success of the next generation, BABYMONSTER, is crucial.

“YG has demonstrated its ability to discover and train talented K-pop idols who have achieved global success with Big Bang, 2NE1, and BLACKPINK. It remains to be seen whether BABYMONSTER, a group that has received high expectations from music fans even before their debut, will become a global ‘K-pop star’ responsible for YG’s future,” Star News wrote.