‘A Good Day to Be a Dog’ ends at 1.5% viewer ratings


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Article: Cha Eunwoo and Park Kyu Young’s ‘A Good Day to Be a Dog’ ends with lowest ever viewer ratings… the failure of one episode a week

Source: Nate

[+20] The one episode a week just didn’t work, especially when it was also canceled so often. It broke the flow. I tried watching it on Netflix but I quit halfway because I figured I’d rather just watch it all at once after it’s over.

[+16] I don’t even know how you can flop with Lee Hye Won’s webtoon and a cast like this… but even I got tired of watching it on Netflix, I can’t imagine the people who were watching it on TV. Every time it was about to get good, it’d be canceled for the week..

[+11] I do agree that only one episode a week threw the rhythm off but I also remember it being canceled twice for baseball games, which probably made it worse… Even the people who were caught up on it would forget about it and catch it on Netflix later…

[+7] Everyone was against the one episode a week thing, and it ended in a failure, of course…

[+4] I watched it on OTT and stopped because there was no chemistry with the cast. I think the drama was a flop from the casting. I’ve seen plenty of dramas where the plot sucked but I kept watching because the actors had good chemistry.

[+3] Both the male and female leads had acting skills that were all over the place (and the male lead’s acting was pretty bland)

[+2] 1.5% viewer ratings? Did any of them make any money after expenses???

[+1] Every time I saw reruns, I remember thinking “this is still going on?” I had to stop after the first episode because it was so corny.

[+0] Don’t blame the one episode a week, it was just plain boring. I actually got mad watching because they made the unni so cancerous. I doubt the drama would’ve even finished on air if not for Cha Eunwoo.

[+0] If Cha Eunwoo was a must cast for this, they should’ve been more thoughtful about the female lead by either picking one with a loyal fanbase or someone with way better acting skills.