‘A Good Day to Be a Dog’ Episode 14: Did Cha Eun Woo & Park Gyu Young Get Their Happy Ending?

After all the challenges and traumas they experienced, will Jin Seo Won (Cha Eun Woo) and Han Hae Na (Park Gyu Young) find their happy ending in “A Good Day to Be a Dog” episode 14?

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‘A Good Day to Be a Dog’ Episode 14: Han Hae Na & Jin Seo Won Rekindle Their Love

In “A Good Day to Be a Dog” episode 14, Han Hae Na and Jin Seo Won became lovers again. A year later, the couple continued to show their sweet gestures by continuing their secret relationship in school. 

A Good Day to Be a Dog
(Photo : MBC Official Instagram)

After she learned that Jin Seo Won’s birthday was just around the corner, Han Hae Na got into trouble in preparing a surprise gift filled with their memories. As his special day approached, her impatience grew, and found an answer in her abandoned dog volunteer work with Seo Won. 

During their meeting, Jin Seo Won thanked Han Hae Na because he was able to overcome his dog phobia. The two exchanged sweet and heartwarming messages. Due to this, she started writing down her vows and own story as the theme for the performance to be held at her school festival. She wished to impress Seo Won with her plan. 

Jin Seo Won Fails to Watch Han Hae Na’s Performance

A Good Day to Be a Dog
(Photo : MBC Official Instagram)

Meanwhile, an unexpected incident occurred which made Jin Seo Won expose his secret relationship with Han Hae Na to their co-teachers. But the couple got surprised instead and learned that their colleagues already knew their relationship. 

However, Jin Seo Won was unable to watch Han Hae Na’s performance because he met Dong Cheol and was helping him solve his problem.

Hae Na was disappointed when Seo Won missed her performance, but still sent him a recorded video of her performance which moved her boyfriend. 

Min Ji Ah Conveys Her Feelings for Lee Bo Gyeom

A Good Day to Be a Dog
(Photo : MBC Official Instagram)

Elsewhere, Lee Bo Gyeom (Lee Hyun Woo) finished avenging his previous life. Min Ji Ah (Kim Yi Kyung) was still concerned about him and decided to meet him to convey her true feelings. After their heartfelt encounter, they left a deep impression as they seemed to be washing away old wounds and letting go of the pain of the past. 

At the end of the episode, Jin Seo Won and Han Hae Na kissed and adopted Deok Gu, whom they had developed a relationship with while volunteering for abandoned dogs, and had a happy time.

Jin Seo Won overcame his trauma, while Han Hae Na was able to get rid of their family curse. The two finally found their happy ending.

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