‘A Good Day to Be a Dog’ Episode 8: Is Park Gyu Young Finally Free From the Curse?

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Jin Seo Won (Cha Eun Woo) and Han Hae Na (Park Gyu Young) fell into a trap and were placed in a dangerous situation in “A Good Day to Be a Dog” episode 8.

‘A Good Day to Be a Dog’ Episode 8: Jin Seo Won Learns Han Hae Na’s Secret

In “A Good Day to Be a Dog” episode 8, Kim Min Suk (Kang Eun Hwan) used Jin Seo Won’s phobia of dogs against him when they were in a fight. He also threatened Han Ha Na of killing Seo Won if she failed to appear on camera and reveal her secret.

A Good Day to Be a Dog

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She went to a secluded area to save Jin Seo Won and agreed to tell in public about her curse of turning into a dog at midnight. The male teacher just arrived on time and rescued Hae Na.

Han Hae Na Finally Free From the Curse After Jin Seo Won Kisses Her

Due to the incident, Seo Won found out her hidden secret and stated that her canine doesn’t scare him. She asked him if she was weird while crying. Then Hae Na turned into a dog, and Seo Won lifted her and kissed her.

Park Gyu Young

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Hence, the curse is finally broken, making Han Hae Na free from misery.

In continuation, Jin Seo Won already confessed his feelings for Park Gyu Young and didn’t hesitate to help her break the family curse.

Apart from fulfilling her mission, Han Hae Na’s family history on how they dealt with the curse was revealed in this episode.

Lee Bo Gyeom’s Real Identity Got Exposed

Adding tension and changes in the narrative, a scene set in an ancient time appeared where Lee Bo Gyeom (Lee Hyun Woo) was seen putting a curse on his ancestor who looked exactly like Hae Na.

A Good Day to Be a Dog

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Before the end of the episodes, it was revealed that Lee Bo Gyeom is the mountain god. He has been alive for years until the present time. He has also protected Han Hae Na’s secret ever since.

Even though he appears as a strange and mysterious person, it still gives viewers curiosity whether he is a friend or an enemy.

Episode 8 concluded with swoon-worthy kisses between Han Hae Na and Jin Seo Won. She also mentioned that she won’t turn into a dog if the person who broke the curse kisses her again.


Catch more of Park Gyu Young and Cha Eun Woo’s romance in the upcoming episodes of “A Good Day to Be a Dog.”

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