A Good Day to Be a Dog Korean Drama Review (2023)

Review : A Good Day to Be a Dog Korean Drama

Network:  MBC

Episode: 14

Genre:  Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Supernatural

Aired: Oct 11, 2023 – Jan 10, 2024

Aired Days: Wednesday

Grade: A

“Turning into a dog every night is too tiring. Seriously.”

Han Hae Na

Everyone has their own story and we can all have a secret we keep inside our hearts. A Good Day to Be a Dog Korean Drama is about a family who is cursed by a mountain God to become a dog when they kiss someone for the first time.

Main Characters:

Park Gyu-young as Han Hae-na / Mak-soon

A high school Korean language teacher who has a crush on Lee Bo-gyeom and later falls for Jin Seo-won.

Cha Eun-woo as Jin Seo-won / Soo-hyun

Cha Eun-woo as Jin Seo-won / Soo-hyun

He is a high school Math teacher who feels affection towards Han Hae-na from their first meeting.

Lee Hyun-woo as Lee Bo-gyeom / San-sin

He is a God of mountains who is currently working as a high school Korean history teacher to take revenge for his loved ones’ deaths.

Yoon Hyun-soo as Choi Yul

Yoon Hyun-soo as Choi Yul

He is a high school student and nephew of Jin Seo-won.

Highlights of A Good Day to Be a Dog Korean Drama


A Good Day to Be a Dog Korean Drama Review (2023)

A curse was given to the ancestors of Han Hae-na by the God of mountains. Whenever they kiss a person for the first time they will turn into a dog and if that person kisses them when they are dog than only the curse can be lifted. They will get only 100 days to get over the curse if they fail then they have to live as a dog.

A Mistake:

A Good Day to Be a Dog Korean Drama

Han Hae-na had a long time crush on Lee Bo-gyeom so she decided to tell him about her feelings but mistakenly kissed Jin Seo-won instead of him. In one minute she turned into a dog now she will become a dog daily from midnight till 6 in the morning. And to lift the curse Jin Seo-won has to kiss her in dog form but he is very afraid of dogs.


A Good Day to Be a Dog Korean Drama

Choi Yul is a blessing in disguise for Han Hae-na. He accidentally came to know about her curse and helped her get close to his uncle. He also saves her at different places like on a school picnic, and hides her in his room so that she can get a kiss.

Reality disclose:

When Han Hae-na’s truth is disclosed in front of Jin Seo-won he kisses her back and the teacher’s romance with Scholl starts. One more person is happy with their relationship and that is Lee Bo-gyeom. He wants them to live with each other so deeply that when he drifts them apart they can feel his pain.


Han Hae-na family is crushed that is why her uncle is living a dog’s life because he failed to lift that curse and was in critical condition. Her mother and father have supported them at every stage of life plus her sister was also very helpful to her. They have a friend-like family.

Past Life:

Human is greedy and the greed of Han Hae-na from her past life still makes her pay for it. God of mountains lists her loved one because of her so he cursed her whole ancestors.

Overall Thoughts on A Good Day to Be a Dog Korean Drama

This drama has a different story and plot twist. I like the drama it is a great mix of comedy, romance, fantasy, and a hint of historical. If you’re a rom-com drama lover then do watch this drama.

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