A netizen revealed that he/she was sued by LE SSERAFIM for posting malicious comments


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1. Please reflect on yourself and don’t live like that

2. I’m curious about what that person wrote

3. Honestly, I don’t believe this post

4. I think a fan posted this

5. The law will decide whether the comment is malicious or not. If you don’t post malicious comments, what is there to fear?

6. I have never left a comment and I support them suing the malicious comments, but the post itself seems a bit like a fake, in any case, let’s not write malicious comments

7. That must be what the haters think. They don’t even know if what they post are malicious comments or not

8. Mailing date is June 23, 2024? what is this? I want to report forgery of official documents

9. If I were sued, I don’t think I would think of writing something like that

10. Wow, they also manipulate things like this

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