“A Prefabricated Family” Offers a Sneak Peek at Lead Stars

JTBC’s new series, A Prefabricated Family (tentative title), has unveiled a first look at its main cast.

This youth romance follows three individuals who, though not related by blood, considered themselves family during their teenage years and reunite after a decade. The cast includes Hwang In Youp, Jung Chae Yeon, and Bae Hyun Sung, bringing fresh energy to the series.

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Hwang In Youp portrays Kim San-ha, a seemingly carefree character whose charismatic appearance hides a deeper, untold story. Kim San-ha reappears in the lives of Yoon Joo-won (played by Jung Chae-yeon) and Kang Hae-jun (played by Bae Hyun-sung), who grew up with him like siblings, after ten years apart.

Jung Chae Yeon plays Yoon Joo-won, a vibrant and resilient young woman raised by her loving father, who runs a kalguksu restaurant. Despite any challenges, she regards Kim San-ha and Kang Hae-jun as her real family.

Bae Hyun Sung takes on the role of Kang Hae-jun, a charming and sunny boy who has faced many struggles but deeply values those who treated him as family. He is a passionate basketball player, driven by a desire to repay Yoon Joo-won’s father for his kindness.

The series promises a refreshing youth romance centered on the bonds and stories of Kim San-ha, Yoon Joo-won, and Kang Hae-jun. It explores the enduring connections of family love, first love, and cherished teenage memories as the trio reunites after a decade.

The production team highlights the show’s message about the significance of small, happy memories in shaping affectionate adults. They urge viewers to look forward to the actors’ performances, which will vividly bring to life the narrative of these three individuals who were each other’s steadfast family.

Choi Won Young and Choi Moo Sung join the cast as the protective fathers of the three main characters, anchoring the story. Choi Won-young plays Yoon Jeong-jae, Yoon Joo-won’s perceptive and loving father, who runs a kalguksu restaurant and shows great affection for Kang Hae-jun. Choi Moo-sung portrays Kim Dae-wook, Kim San-ha’s sincere and steadfast father, a police officer who raises the children with Yoon Jeong-jae after separating from his wife.

This heartwarming drama is set to captivate audiences with its touching depiction of unconventional family bonds and the journey of its characters.

Source: joynews24