A Shop For Killers Episode 8 Recap and Review: A Shocking Twist in the End

In the last episode of A Shop For Killers, we see the important context that brings together the fragments of the past and ties them with a neat little bow.

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Based on The Killer’s Shopping Mall by Kim Ji-young, this action-thriller Korean drama (킬러들의 쇼핑몰) stars Lee Dong-wook and Kim Hye-jun in lead roles. The screenplay is written by Ji Ho-jin & Lee Kwon, and Lee Kwon and Noh Gyu-yeob direct the drama. The Disney+ series also stars Seo Hyun-woo, Jo Han-sun, Park Ji-bin, Geum Hae-na, Lee Tae-young and others and is expected to have 8 episodes.

Well-known Korean actor Lee Dong-wook was last seen in the 2023 sequel series Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938, while Kim Hye-jun was last seen in 2022’s Connect and 2021’s Inspector Koo.

A Shop For Killers Episode 8 Recap

a shop for killers episode 8

The episode starts with everyone waiting to take action outside the house while Pasin takes the bullet out of Min-hye inside the house. Brother inspects an oddity behind the washing machine and Jeong-min comes to the basement and is instantly annoyed that he is hanging upside down. As Pasin mentions going downstairs, Brother stops them and tells them that without a manager, the shopping man restarts. He eventually finds out that someone has accessed the shopping mall server.

As they try to figure it out, the robot dog starts to emit a high-pitched sound that disarms all four of them. Just as Min-hye is about to get rid of it, Seong-jo and the Twins burst through the door with a car, killing the dog. Min-hye gets shot and Pasin fights the Twins while Seong-jo tries to find Ji-an while talking about the past. Brother intervenes and gets him off of Ji-an but is eventually shot and killed. Outside, Pasin kills one of the Twins while Ji-an makes a run for it but is unable to get to the basement. Scared and confused, she finally finds a moment of levity and grabs a gun to defend herself.

As Ji-an and Seong-jo face off against each other, Jeong-min comes up from the basement making both of them take cover. Jeong-min goes on a psycho rant, wastes some bullets and then is hacked by Seong-jo. He eventually follows Ji-an into the basement and he tries to get her out of hiding by inciting her with stories about Jin-man. She gets caught in one of Seong-jo’s traps and injures herself badly and looks broken as she takes care of her injuries and remembers Jin-man’s words about running away.

a shop for killers episode 8

However, right after, she finds Seong-jo walking around on the cam and looks rather pissed. Elsewhere, Brother wakes up as it turns out that he was wearing a bulletproof vest. In the basement, Seong-jo tries to talk Ji-an into giving murthehelp up but Ji-an eventually gets the upper hand and tries to burn him to death. Unfortunately, the sprinklers start to work, leading to Ji-an finally shooting Seong-jo dead after the fire is extinguished.

Thankfully, both Min-hye and Pasin are alive as well and Brother finds Ji-an sitting on the ground. However, things aren’t over just yet as Brother finds more people coming towards the house on the map. As both of them realise that Babylon has put all of them on the hitlist, Ji-an decides protect what is hers. She goes on the intercom and welcomes all of her shoppers and shows them all Seong-jo’s decapitated head. She then tells them that she will run the shopping mall and will pay them the bounty that is on her head, tax-free. However, if they don’t leave, she promises to kill them all. The killers, convinced by the deal and by Ji-an’s excellent business acumen, all leave.

a shop for killers episode 8

Ji-an eventually comes out of the basement and is heartbroken to see the bodies and the destruction all over the place. Unfortunately, she isn’t able to find Pasin or Min-hye as the former took Min-hye’s body out of the house before she arrived. Going outside in the calm of the night, Ji-an breaks down but before long finds a bus coming towards her. Thinking that it’s another round of assaulters, she gets ready to shoot them but it turns out to be the cleaning crew.

After everything is done, Ji-an and the crew suddenly see a cab coming towards them and are left shocked to see Jin-man still alive.

A Shop For Killers Episode 8 Review

a shop for killers episode 8

Being left on a cliffhanger after being stressed for 8 episodes about this young woman’s death feels like a horrible and cruel joke but that’s where we are with A Shop For Killers. I can’t say that I hate it, but I also do hate it. That’s the exact feeling you will have after watching this show for the past few weeks. With jaw on the floor, I must say that the series creates an incredible tension and I was at the edge of my seat with every coming car. The last episode had some great action and Kim Hye-jun was truly a breakout and you can’t help but root for her throughout.

That being said, we see nothing about Bale in this episode so I don’t know what the point of creating an aura around him for the past two episodes established. It was sort of disappointing to not get anything from him and Seong-jo, although scary, didn’t have much action either. I think that was a little disappointing. Min-hye and Pasin got some great action, so that was extremely satisfying.

So are audiences getting a new season or is this where we get left off because, without the former, it feels a little half-baked?

A Shop For Killers is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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