A Shop for Killers Korean Drama Review (2024)

A Shop for Killers Korean drama

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Network: Disney+, Hulu

Episodes: 8

Genres: Action, Thriller, Mystery

Aired: Jan 17, 2024 – Feb 7, 2024

Grade: A++

After Jeong Ji An’s (Kim Hye Jun) parents’ death, she was raised by her uncle Jeong Jin Man (Lee Dong Wook). He is a mysterious man and has a secret past. She began to live by herself in Seoul. One day she received a phone call that her uncle passed away. Ji An now lived in her uncle’s home and was kept in an unexpected situation.

Main Characters:

Lee Dong Wook as Jeong Jin Man

Jeong Jin Man is taking care of her niece Ji An after her parent’s death. He is a mysterious man and he secretly runs a shopping mall called “Murthehelp”.

Kim Hye Jun as Jeong Ji An

Jeong Ji An lost her parents at a very young age and after that, her uncle was looking after her.

Highlights of A Shop for Killers Korean Drama

Suicide or Murder?

Jeong Ji An is a strong and independent girl who was raised by her uncle Jeong Jin Man. One day she received a phone call from the police that her uncle had committed suicide. Ji An was not ready for that new as he was the only person and her legal guardian left after the death of her parents at an early age. Jin Man is a mysterious and antisocial person but she also knows that he can not commit suicide.


Ji Ah returned to her uncle’s place and there she met Bae Jeong Min (Park Ji Bin). He was her school friend and Jeong Min told her that his uncle was very close to him not only that he asked Jeong Min to open a website. Together they found the website and found out that her uncle was running an illegal website called “Murthehelp” where he was selling weapons. Jeong Min briefed her about the “Murthehelp” website that her uncle and she hold the green code members and to protect them other member’s responsibilities. She was not ready for that and for her, everything was a lie.

Unexpected Situation:

She was still in the sadness about losing her uncle but before she got a chance to think about what had happened, her life turned a u-turn when she was attacked in her own home by gunfire, bombs, drone fire, and many more. All assassins are highly skilled and after the death of Jeong Jin Man, they wanted to kill Ji An. Though Jin Man’s house is not ordinary from the outside it looks ordinary but from the inside all the high-class technology was there he was preparing for that to happen.

Survival Game:

Jin Man knows that the future will be very challenging for them so he needs to train Ji An to survive. He also knows what Ji An likes and with the help of Pasin (Kim Min). After the knockoff from Pasin, she wanted to learn the skill from him and he agreed in exchange for monetary benefits. Pasin teaches her Thai fighting style (Muay Thai).


Jin Man worked for Babylon for 6 years, he was a captain and they worked secretly but after an incident, they left the organization and started living with his family. After leaving the organization he made many enemies and now they want to kill him and his family. Unfortunately, one by one his family and friends are killed by Bale (Jo Han Sun) and his men. He receives an unexpected call that Bale is alive and he killed his brother and sister-in-law. He was with Ji An and he could not leave her alone at home so he told his man to protect Ji An while protecting her he was killed by unidentified men.

Overall Thoughts on A Shop for Killers Korean Drama:

A Shop for Killer Korean drama is one of the best Korean dramas till now. The storyline is full of mystery and thriller if you enjoy watching this type of genre then it is must must-watch drama. This drama is short so anyone can finish it within 2 days and after the ending, we viewers want Season 2 although no announcement of a sequel. It is the story of an uncle and nieces who were trying to survive the battle and are surrounded by many enemies. After the death of Jin Man, everyone targeted Ji An and tried to kill her. There are many flashbacks in the drama so drama needs your full focus. The acting was superb, this drama is a masterpiece.

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