‘A Time Called You’ Episodes 1-6: Jeon Yeo Bin Travels to 1998, Meets Ahn Hyo Seop & Kang Hoon

Netflix introduced its newest series “A Time Called You,” the Korean adaptation of the popular Taiwanese drama “Some Day or One Day.”

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Starring Ahn Hyo Seop, Jeon Yeo Bin, and Kang Hoon, these brilliant stars brought the characters to life and gave viewers a breath of fresh air with their outstanding delivery.

Han Jun Hee finds herself going back and forth from 2023 to 1998 after listening to the cassette tape she received from a mysterious person.

Episode 1: Han Jun Hee Grieves Koo Yeon Jun’s Death

Jeon Yeo Bin, Ahn Hyo Seop

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Han Jun Hee continued to grieve for her longtime boyfriend, Koo Yeon Jun, who died in a plane crash a year ago.

On her birthday, she received a bouquet of her favorite flower from a mysterious person.

Episode 2: Han Jun Hee Meets Nam Si Yeon as She Time-Travels to 1998

A Time Called You

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Amid the investigation of her lookalike, Han Jun Hee received a strange parcel.

Meanwhile, Kwon Min Ju developed a friendship with her crush but later on faced a big problem.

After listening to the cassette tape she received, Jun Hee traveled to 1998 and met Nam Si Yeon, who resembles her late boyfriend.

Episode 3: Nam Si Yeon Discovers Changes From Kwon Min Ju’s Personality

A Time Called You

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Han Jun Hee tried to make sense of Min Ju’s recollections that got mixed up with her own.

On the other hand, as Nam Si Heon spent more time with Min Ju, he discovered changes in her personality. The two also shared each other’s secrets.

Episode 4: Han Jun Hee Struggles to Return in 2023

A Time Called You

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As Han Jun Hee traveled back and forth between 1998 and 2023, she struggled to distinguish reality from her dreams. Jun Hee went to Min Ju’s uncle, Chi Won, and talked about her dreams, only to give hope that the information they gathered started to make sense.

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However, when Jun Hee planned to return in 2023, she struggled as listening to the cassette tape did not work out.

Episode 5: Jung In Gyu Becomes Prime Suspect in Kwon Min Ju’s Accident

A Time Called You

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In 1998, Han Jun Hee’s bubbly personality shined through Kwon Min Ju. The people around her started to notice the changes in her, including a mysterious figure who was watching her from a distance.

Meanwhile, as the investigation into Kwon Min Ju’s accident continued, Jung In Gyu became a prime suspect after seeing his hearing aid at the crime scene.

Thankfully, Min Ju testified and proved his innocence.

Episode 6: Nam Si Heon Develops Feelings to New Kwon Min Ju

A Time Called You

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Nam Si Heon found himself attracted to the new Kwon Min Ju. The love triangle between the duo and Jung In Gyu also grew.

Meanwhile, Han Jun Hee asks Jung In Gyu to tutor her instead of Si Heon as things might get awkward between them as she sees her late boyfriend in him.

Later on, as Si Heon’s feelings grew, he finally confessed to her.

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