‘A Time Called You’ Episodes 7-12: Will Jeon Yeo Bin & Ahn Hyo Seop Change Their Fate?

As Han Jun Hee (Jeon Yeo Bin) and Nam Si Heon (Ahn Hyo Seop) continue to navigate their journey back and forth from past to future, a lot of shocking turns and intriguing events happened in the second half of “A Time Called You.”

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Episode 7: Han Jun Hee Warns Nam Si Heon & Jung In Gyu About Approaching Danger

A Time Called You

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While trying to fix their misunderstanding, Han Jun Hee also warned Nam Si Heon and Jung In Gyu (Kang Hoon) of the approaching danger that might be connected to Kwon Min Ju’s incident.

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Later on, a terrifying event happened at school at night, which made everyone panic about the sudden murder. This urged the duo to help Jun Hee find the mysterious culprit.

Episode 8: Koo Yeon Jun Tries to Pursue Han Jun Hee

A Time Called You

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In 2007, Nam Si Heon met Bae Chi Won (Park Hyuk Kwon) and both of them recalled that everything Han Jun Hee said when she traveled to 1998 was all true.

Meanwhile, Koo Yeon Jun found his way to Han Jun Hee. He did whatever he could to enchant her, but falling in love was not as easy as it seemed.

Episode 9: Nam Si Heon Meets Koo Yeon Jun

A Time Called You

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Koo Yeon Jun continued to pursue Han Jun Hee. After seeing his effort and sincerity, the two became a couple and enjoyed a stretch of happiness.

Meanwhile, Nam Si Heon dealt with one obstacle after connecting the dots from the past to the future.

Episode 10: Nam Si Heon Discovers the Culprit Behind Kwon Min Ju’s Case

Nam Si Heon and Han Jun Hee uncovered more stories from the past until they found the Chan brothers.

Later on, they learned that Chan Hui (Min Jin Woong) was the mastermind behind Min Ju’s case.

Since the truth started to come to light, Han Jun Hee vowed to change the past and save Min Ju.

Episode 11: Kwon Min Ju Turns Blind Eye of Han Jun Hee’s Help

A Time Called You

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After receiving the attention that she needed, Kwon Min Ju turned a blind eye to the dangers ahead that Han Jun Hee told her about. Instead, she focused on spending time with Nam Si Heon and Jung In Gyu.

Later on, Si Heon discovered that the real Kwon Min Ju was back, which made him miss Han Jun Hee more.

Episode 12: Did Han Jun Hee & Nam Si Heon Able to Change the Future?

A Time Called You

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As Kwon Min Ju handled her life into her own hands, Han Jun Hee made a last ditch effort to change the future. She and Nam Si Heon later decided to finally make things right.

After all the twists and turns, Han Jun Hee and Nam Si Heon found their way again to each other.

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