‘A Time Called You’ Receives Backlash for Multiple Inaccuracies: ‘They should’ve done it properly’

Jeon Yeo Bin and Ahn Hyo Seop’s “A Time Called You” is garnering praises from viewers after its premiere on September 8. However, Korean netizens noticed these inaccuracies from the drama.

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‘A Time Called You’ Disappoints Viewers for ‘Inaccurate’ Portrayal of South Korea

On September 8, Netflix introduced its newest series “A Time Called You,” which is the Korean remake of the sought-after Taiwanese drama “Someday or One Day.”

A Time Called You

(Photo : Netflix Korea Instagram)

The fantasy-romance series was highly anticipated by Korean viewers, given how much they enjoyed the original version of it.

Despite the excitement, it did not live up to their expectations and left others disappointed with the unrealistic portrayal of Korea.

It has been said that aside from the remake stray from the original, K-netz also discovered various inaccuracies in portraying South Korea in 1998, which made it difficult for them to focus on the drama.

‘Unrealistic Portrayal’ Made It Hard for Koreans to Focus on the Drama

In an online forum, Korean netizens shared their sentiments about the inaccuracies showed in the series.

In particular, most high school students back then were prohibited from driving scooters. You need a license to ride one, and if you ever used it, you were likely a lawbreaker.

A Time Called You

(Photo : Netflix Korea Instagram)

Adding to the audience’s concerns was that the two male protagonists Nam Si Heon and Jung In Gyu, are model students, and using the scooter made it hard for viewers to get on board.

The next thing that people noticed was the school. The leads are supposed to be attending a high school in the countryside, but in the drama, the scenes at school were filmed at a prestigious campus at Yonsei University.

Through this, it looked unrealistic as it was far from the “countryside school” that it was supposed to be.

A Time Called You

(Photo : Netflix Korea Instagram)

In the 90s, most schools used chalkboards, rather than the whiteboards used in the drama.

Koreans also took issue with the uniforms. Some judged that it was far from the actual style used in 1998 in South Korea.

A Time Called You

(Photo : Netflix Korea Instagram)

According to a source, the outfits of the characters did not match the weather. Students still wear winter uniforms in spring, when the cherry blossoms bloom.

This is because of the cold weather. However, in the series, the leads walk along the cherry blossoms in their summer uniforms.

Here are Koreans comment on the K-drama “A Time Called You.”

  • “They used scooters to school in 1998? They would’ve been nagged at.”
  • “It would have been better if they didn’t do that to the uniforms and school at least. But I still enjoyed the drama.”
  • “They shouldn’t have set a specific time setting then.”
  • “If they were going to do it, they should have done it properly.”

Even though it is a fictional drama where things can be exaggerated, the time slip is an important part of the series’ setup to fully express the narrative of the drama.

As the characters travel back and forth to 1998, Korean viewers expected a more accurate portrayal.

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