“A2K” recorded 50 million views, JYP’s global girl group is about to debut

JYP Entertainment (JYP)’s global girl group launching project “A2K” (America2Korea) surpassed 50 million views amid high expectations from domestic and foreign fans

“A2K” is a big global joint project between JYP and Republic Records. It aims to launch a global girl group consisting of all North American members which utilizes the K-pop system.

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J. Y. Park is personally involved in selecting K-pop talents that will create a new influence. “A2K” achieved over 50 million views for episodes 1 to 20 as of Sep 20th, indicating its popularity.

With only 2 episodes left, K-pop fans’ interest in the project is increasing. Participants who began professional training at JYP’s headquarters in Korea after going through the LA boot camp are taking the final steps to become the debut members.


In episode 20, the second round of the final debut test took place. The team “SP3KTRUM” consisting of KG, Savanna and Kaylee secured the top spot in the team mission ranking with their performance of NMIXX’s “Love Me Like This”. The “Back Dawgz” team featuring Camila, Cristina and Gina, who covered Stray Kids’ “Back Door” with explosive energy, ranked second. The “Marteami” team composed of Kendall, Lexus and Yuna took third place by performing TWICE’s “Alcohol-Free”.

In the individual evaluation, 6 participants successfully acquired stones. Unfortunately, Yuna, who failed to acquire a stone as she ranked 9th in the second round following the first round (individual level test), was eliminated.

With the highly anticipated final mission ahead, viewers worldwide are eagerly cheering for the North American girls dreaming of a global K-pop star debut. The growth of participants in terms of skills and inner development as they go through multiple rounds of the selection process and the heartwarming scenes of girls encouraging each other garnered warm comments. J. Y. Park’s sincere feedback as a “veteran judge” also resonated with viewers worldwide, driving the high number of views.

The final episodes of “A2K” will be broadcast through JYP’s official channel on Sep 21st and 22nd at 10 AM.

Source: Daum