“AAA 2023” Rolls Out More Actor Attendees Including Lee Jun Ho, Jung Sung Il, Kim Young Dae and Lee Jun Young

It’s a feast of Korean heartthrobs at AAA 2023!

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Presented by PULP Live World, StarNews, and TONZ Entertainment, for its 8th year, AAA shall be held in the hottest country in Southeast Asia that boasts its loudest, warmest, and most significant fan base in K-culture, the Philippines.

Considered Asia’s Oscars and Grammy Awards, AAA is a prestigious, one-of-its-kind South Korean award-giving body that recognizes artists from music, television, and film who made an outstanding impact on the Asian regions.

Previously, AAA 2023 announced the first round of K-Pop stars attending the event including NewJeans, LE SSERAFIM, BOYNEXTDOOR, NMIXX, and ZEROBASEONE. It was then followed by the confirmation of Stray Kids, THE BOYZ, ITZY, Kwon Eunbi, and &TEAM joining the event.

Also decorating AAA 2023 are K-Pop stars Kim Jaejoong, DinDin, Lee Youngji, Dreamcatcher, KARD, Ash Island, YAOCHEN< STAYC, KEP1ER, TEMPEST and LAPILLUS.

AAA 2023 also named Jang Wonyoung, Kang Daniel and ZEROBASEONE’s Hanbin as hosts for the global NO.1 awards ceremony to be held in the Philippines.

In addition, the most recent announcement also affirmed Kim Seon Ho, Ahn Hyo Seop, Kim Sejeong and Moon Ga Young to grace the Asia Artist Awards 2023. Joining them are fellow actors Lee Dong Hwi, Lee Joon Hyuk, Cha Joo Young and Lee Eun Same.

Starnews rolls out more actors confirmed to attend the event which include Lee Jun Ho, Jung Sung Il, Kim Young Dae, Lee Jun Young, Moon Sang Min, Yoo Seon Ho, Ahn Dong Goo, and Park Jae Chan

Lee Jun Ho, who won the grand prize, Actor of the Year, at 2022 AAA, captured women’s hearts in the JTBC drama King the Land and succeeded in becoming a global box office hit for the second consecutive time following MBC’s The Red Sleeve.

He is loved by fans around the world while actively working as a singer, including successfully completing a concert commemorating the 15th anniversary of 2PM’s debut in September and his first solo arena tour in Japan in about five years in July and August.

Jung Sung Il is gaining popularity, having been recognized for his acting skills and rising to stardom through the Netflix original series The Glory and tvN’s Our Blues. He is about to appear in the Netflix movie War and Revolt, transforming into a Japanese military general.

Kim Young Dae who received the Best Acting Performance award at 2022 AAA, also announced his attendance. Previously, he attended the 2023 AAA starting concert as “Male God” and captured the attention of viewers by showing off his various charms in Forbidden Marriage, Shooting Stars and Penthouse. The actor has continued his progress step by step and has been reborn as a worthy leading actor. His next work is Moon in A Day in October.

Lee Jun Young who also attended 2023 AAA’s “Male God” Kickoff Concert won the Best Actor Award at 2022 AAA. He recently appeared in Mask Girl. His decorated filmography includes various genres such as May I Help You, Let Me Be Your Knight, D.P. and more.

Moon Sang Min captured the hearts of viewers by showing excellent character digestion in Duty After School, Under The Queen’s Umbrella and My Name. Having performed well in various works, he joins the ranks of rising stars, raising expectations for his future activities.

Yoo Seon Ho, who presented great performances in Under The Queen’s Umbrella, The Great Shaman Ga Doo-shim, and Undercover, is growing into an all-round entertainer by playing an active role as the youngest member of the KBS 2TV entertainment program 2 Days & 1 Night. He recently confirmed his appearance in The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract, and is expected to give a passionate performance.

Ahn Dong Goo stood out in works such as The Law Cafe, Snowdrop, Our Beloved Summer, and Sweet Home. In See You In My 19th Life which recently ended, he doubled his charm by playing the character of Ha Do-yoon, Seo-ha’s secretary and best friend. In each work, attention is focused on his actions that attract attention with his solid character and immersion into the character.

Park Jaechan, a member of the group DKZ, made his solo debut with his first mini album JCFACTORY. He participated in overall production and showed upgraded musical capabilities. Jaechan is not only active in music but also in acting. He gained attention as an actor last year through Watcha’s original drama Semantic Error.

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The Asia Artist Awards, first held in 2016, is Korea’s first integrated awards ceremony that awards actors and singers, and has attracted the attention of fans around the world every time.

The 2023 Asia Artist Awards IN THE PHILIPPINES, where you can meet movie, drama, and K-POP stars in one place, will be held at the Philippine Arena in the Philippines on December 14.

Source: Starnews

Photos: AAA Organizing Committee and PULP Live World Productions