Acquaintances Kdrama: Yoon Ga-yi Confirmed to Star in New Romance Drama Alongside Han Ji-min and Lee Joon-hyuk

Rising star Yoon Ga-yi is set to captivate audiences once again in the upcoming SBS romance drama Acquaintances kdrama (working title) 인사하는 사이, starring alongside renowned actors Han Ji-min and Lee Joon-hyuk. The announcement, made by her agency OUI Entertainment, has generated significant buzz in the K-drama community.

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Directed by Ham Joon-ho and Screenplay written by Kim Ji-eun, this drama will follow the story of Kang Ji-yoon played by Ji-min, a successful CEO who excels in her professional life but struggles with personal matters. Her world is supported by Yoo Eun-ho played by Joon-hyuk, her exceptionally skilled secretary who is not only proficient at work but also adept at childcare and household chores.

Yoon Ga-yi will portray Na Gyu-rim, a consultant at Kang Ji-yoon’s company, Peoples. Gyu-rim is depicted as a loyal and highly competent employee, known for her unmatched dedication and talents. Viewers can look forward to a dynamic “womance” between Gyu-rim and her boss, Ji-yoon, as they navigate the challenges of their professional and personal lives.

Since her debut in the 2018 film Second Life, Ga-yi’s career trajectory has been steadily ascending. She has garnered widespread critical acclaim for her compelling performances in a variety of dramas, showcasing her versatility and depth as an actress. Notable among these are her roles in “Through the Darkness,” “Doctor Cha,” “Lies Hidden in My Garden,” and “Revenant.” Each role has highlighted her exceptional talent and ability to immerse herself in diverse characters, firmly establishing her as a formidable presence in the entertainment industry.

Check Out the Acquaintances Kdrama Casting Conformation Below

With its star-studded cast and engaging storyline, Acquaintances is poised to be a hit, further cementing Yoon Ga-yi’s place as a leading actress in the Korean entertainment world. The drama is expected to premiere later this year on SBS, adding another exciting title to the network’s lineup.

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