Actor Kim Dong-ho X Hello Venus Yoonjo to hold wedding on Nov 19th

Actor Kim Dong-ho (38) and Hello Venus Yoonjo (30) are set to tie the knot on Nov 19th

According to News1 on Nov 10th, Kim Dong-ho and Yoonjo will exchange vows at a private ceremony in Seoul on Nov 19th. The wedding will be attended by family and close friends only, with fellow musical actors handling the emceeing and congratulatory performances.

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Kim Dong-ho announced his marriage plans through a handwritten letter in September. He expressed his feelings, “It feels strange to announce my marriage to the fans who have been with me for almost half of my life. Some might be surprised while others might think, ‘It’s about time.’

Kim Dong-ho

He went on to say, “Now, I want to start a new chapter within the warm fence of a family. I deeply thank the fans who have loved and supported me, embracing my shortcomings.

The bride-to-be Yoonjo also shared her thoughts in a handwritten letter on the same day. She revealed, “I have met someone I want to spend my entire life with, and we decided to get married before the cold winter arrives.” She expressed her affection for Kim Dong-ho, describing him as someone who provided great strength to her during challenging and precarious times.

Kim Dong-ho

Kim Dong-ho (born in 1985) debuted in the musical “The Secret Garden” in 2005 and has since been active in various dramas, including “Twinkle Twinkle”, “My Husband Got a Family”, “Bubbly Lovely”, “Graceful Friends”, “Undercover” and “Penthouse 3”. Currently, he is meeting viewers through KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama “The Matchmakers”.

Yoonjo (born in 1992) debuted with the mini-album “Venus” as part of Hello Venus in 2012. From November 2020 to March 2021, she participated in the musical “Monte Cristo”.

Source: Nate