Actor L’s Alleged Ghosting Breakup Claimed by Woman A, Exposé Deleted

 The author, A, who claimed to have been ghosted by actor L, suddenly deleted their exposés.

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On the 22nd, A wrote a post titled “I Was Ghosted by Actor L” on an online community site.

In the post, A revealed that they had been dating L for over four years but recently received a breakup text message. She also stated, “I saw the actor casually talking about our relationship on platforms like YouTube as if it were just a memory. There was no consideration for the other person.”

The revelations didn’t stop there. On the 25th, A further exposed, “In variety shows, L may seem polite and amiable, but can actually hurt fans and colleagues,” while publicly sharing text messages exchanged with L. These messages contained explicit content, drawing attention.

A claimed, “L even took photos of sensitive parts of my body. However, a few days later, I received a unilateral text message and all communication was cut off.”

A insisted that their claims were absolutely true. However, on the sudden 26th, they deleted the posts they had written, leaving the situation unresolved. Due to A’s exposé posts, many actors’ names were dragged into the controversy, and several individuals suffered unfairly without proper explanations.


-Even if it were true, they should handle their own relationships. What’s the point of saying that?

-But seriously, that post is about someone’s private life, so what’s there to respond to? If they’re celebrities, does that mean their private lives are open to interrogation by others?

-I  really don’t understand posts like that. Even if it’s a painful breakup, it’s extremely personal, so what’s the point?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Maybe they reached an agreement.

-It’s either fake or they probably got in touch.

-Looks like it’s resolved.

-Really, just handle it yourselves.

-What’s the point of dealing with a post with no evidence?

-Looks like she received good compensation.

-But really, how can you trust so blindly with just a few chat messages as evidence?

-It would sell well if they made a book out of this.

-It seems like there was an agreement because L’s agency remained silent.

-Only one actor was mentioned, right? Looks like they reached an agreement.

-Really irresponsible. What about the actor’s image? Whether it’s true or not, it’s their private life. She exposed everything in a post and then disappeared. Ugh… Did she post to make his image fall like this? Seems like she achieved that already then. 

-Didn’t believe it anyway.

-Did they reach an agreement?