Actress Noh Jung Ui regrets revealing her true weight and discourages harmful diets

Article: Actress who revealed 165 cm/39 kg stats “Women are getting into harmful diets… please stop focusing on the number”

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Source: Segye Ilbo via Naver

[+2,331, -6] 39 at 165, it doesn’t matter how much you claim you lost that weight by working out, it does not fit the standards of what’s considered ‘healthy’..

[+681, -39] That’s a choding’s body, nothing pretty about it

[+443, -63] When I went through a period of struggle, I dropped to 39 at 160 and I remember looking so gaunt and poorly… I can’t imagine how gaunt she must look at 39 and 165… Clothes don’t even hang right on that kind of frame because you’re just so skeletal. I’d say 49 for 165 is the prettiest weight.

[+285, -28] 39 at 165… who’s even asking for that?

[+183, -7] She looks sickly

[+152, -0] So a woman who’s 39 at 165 and is claiming to be “healthy” is judging other women for doing harmful diets… why would anyone listen to her?

[+86, -0] Nothing you say matters when you’re 39 kg yourself. You’re a sickly patient~~~

[+56, -0] I wonder what your brain has to be thinking to believe that 39 at 165 is healthy… that’s not healthy, that’s a problem.

[+41, -0] Always fascinating how celebrities still manage to maintain full cheeks even at such a low weight

[+37, -0] Managing your diet and exercising does not get you to this weight;;;

[+33, -0] She has to be lying when she says she worked out to get to 39 kg. Working out adds muscle and muscle will never weigh so little that 39 is possible. She’s at a weight where it’s literally just skin over bones.

[+24, -2] It’s because of people like her that everyone thinks women above 50 kg are fat

[+22, -0] I think it’s hypocritical when celebrities like her and Han So Hee are like “yeah, we’re so skinny, but you guys shouldn’t get to this weight”… Why can’t they show the opposite? That it’s okay to gain weight and still feel confident too? They’re basically admitting that they don’t feel beautiful unless they get down to these unrealistic weights and basically perpetuating the bias that skinny is what’s beautiful. 

[+21, -0] I don’t think even the women doing harmful diets desire a weight as low as hers