Actress Reveals Moving Nightmare — Disarrayed House, Broken Dishes Here and There

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Actress Kim Bin-woo recently utilized his social media platforms as a sounding board to express his vehement frustration towards a moving company.

In a fervent and impassioned manner, he delineated the harrowing ordeal that he and his family were subjected to during a recent relocation, painting a vivid picture of the nightmarish circumstances they found themselves in.

In a lengthy post shared on May 8, Kim Bin-woo lamented, “I’ve moved four times in nine years of marriage, and this is the first time I’ve ever experienced anything like this. No, it’s the fourth moving day where I wondered if something like this would ever happen in my life.”

Kim Bin-woo

(Photo : Pann Nate)

Describing the chaos of the moving day, Kim Bin-woo revealed, “The moving project, which would normally be completed by 6 or 7 p.m., is not making any progress.”

He expressed bewilderment at the absence of workers and the slow progress of the move, which left him and his family stranded amidst unpacked belongings as night fell.

“I was really angry when I brought the food in and looked at the broken dishes here and there, but when I saw the faces of the aunts and others who stayed until 10 o’clock to clean up, I couldn’t be angry,”

As frustrations mounted, Kim Bin-woo discovered that the workers initially dispatched were part-timers, exacerbating the disarray.

Despite his anger at the broken dishes and misplaced items, Kim Bin-woo found it difficult to remain upset when confronted with the efforts of those who stayed late to clean up.

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Reflecting on the toll the move took on his family, Kim Bin-woo admitted feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the task. Despite attempting to enlist professional help, he ultimately resorted to tackling the cleanup with his husband, acknowledging the resilience they displayed amidst the chaos.

In response to advice from netizens regarding moving companies, Kim Bin-woo expressed gratitude and hinted at future plans to purchase his own home to avoid similar ordeals in the future.


Here’s what fans are saying:

  • ‘Good job sis. I’m already scared to move next year. ‘
  • ‘ou’ve done a great job. Think that a lot of good things will happen. As a previous buyer, Mr. Binwoo responded quickly’
  • ‘h my god… I can’t believe how heartbroken and physically tired it must have been’
  • ‘t’s really amazing and ridiculous Still, I’m thinking positively and Binwoo and her husband have organized it themselves and it seems like the house has become more satisfying’

The moving saga concluded with Kim Bin-woo declaring an end to the arduous process, expressing hope for a brighter future despite the challenges faced.

Kim Bin-woo, who married businessman Jeon Yong-jin in 2015, remains determined to navigate the trials of relocation with resilience and optimism alongside his family.