Adrenaline-Charged Spy thriller “Tempest” Headlined By Gianna Jun and Kang Dong Won To Premiere in 2025 On Disney+

Korean superstars Gianna Jun and Kang Dong Won headline an upcoming series penned by Decision to Leave writer Chung Seokyung.

Set for release on Disney+ in 2025, the Korean thriller Tempest promises a gripping mix of assassinations, political intrigue, conspiracies, and espionage.

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The plot centers on Munju, a skilled diplomat and former U.S. ambassador, and Sanho, an international special agent, as they unravel the truth behind an attack endangering the Korean peninsula’s future stability.

Tempest showcases the highly anticipated collaboration of two of Korea’s most esteemed actors. Gianna Jun (My Love from the Star, Legend of the Blue Sea) plays Seo Munju, a sharp-witted diplomat investigating the source of a deadly assault.

Kang Dong Won (Broker and Peninsula) stars as Sanho, a mysterious agent cloaked in secrets. The series is directed by Kim Heewon (Queen of Tears, Little Women, Vincenzo) with co-direction by top martial arts director Heo Myunghaeng (The Outlaws 4), and written by Chung Seokyung (Decision to Leave, The Handmaiden, Little Women).

Tempest joins Disney+’s expanding lineup of must-watch Korean dramas, including award-winning series like Moving, which follows South Korean special agents protecting their super-powered children from government exploitation, and The Worst of Evil, featuring an undercover officer infiltrating a Korean crime syndicate. This adds to a diverse library of popular local and international titles available on the platform.

Look out for Tempest, exclusively on Disney+ in 2025.