Aespa answered the question about Bang Si Hyuk’s text message

Aespa “We know all the recent problems, we think our first full album will be successful”

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Aespa recently attracted attention amid the internal conflict between HYBE and Min Heejin. Then, the previous text message conversation sent by Bang Si Hyuk to Min Heejin appeared

Aespa happily answered the somewhat sensitive question: “Isn’t preparing for a comeback after the recent problem a burden?”

Karina said: “I know all of these issues. Because this is our first full album, we have devoted all our hearts to practicing. Thanks to the support and love, we have also worked hard. I feel very grateful to the public for a satisfying start, and also thank the members and the SM family for their hard work.”

Winter said, “Instead of thinking too deeply about it, I just accepted, ‘I guess things will go well with our first full album.’”

1. Aespa is even more mature than Bang Si Hyuk

2. Winter’s personality is refreshing

3. That’s a smart answer to a stupid question

4. That’s a stupid question and a smart answer

5. They’re so cool, they’re the best girl group

6. The first group in the world to be obsessed with the CEO of the competitor

7. Aespa fighting, the song is so good

8. Look at Winter’s personality

9. Karina is good at interviews

10. The difference in skills is huge

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