aespa Karina Fashion: How To Shine Brightly Like the ‘Supernova’ Singer With THESE Colorful, Stylish ‘Fits!

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On May 13, aespa officially released their eighth digital single “Supernova.” The song is also the pre-release track for their upcoming first full-length album “Armageddon,” which will be released on May 27.


In the music video for “Supernova,” MYs and netizens were absolutely taken aback by aespa’s performance, the video’s eccentric vibe, and the group’s signature hyper-pop sound. However, their fashion for the MV also took the spotlight online.

In leader Karina’s case, the idol showcased her ability to pull off any kind of styling, and in “Supernova,” she has served visuals with her cosmic and vibrant getups. If you want to know more about what Karina wore and how to get her look, read on!

aespa Karina Fashion: How To Shine Brightly Like 'Supernova' With THESE Colorful & Stylish Outfits!
(Photo : Facebook: aespa)

1.    Paco Rabanne Top, Sugar Thrillz Tube, Shannon Wrap Belt Skirt, Vivienne Westwood Midas Print Boots

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During the introduction of “Supernova,” Karina was seen wearing a radiant long-sleeved top from Paco Rabanne.

The outfit was also accompanied by a black tube from Sugar Thrillz, a Shannon wrap belt skirt from Generation Kiss, and a pair of graphic print high boots from Vivienne Westwood. To get Karina’s look, you can try this light blue turtleneck from DSPAM, a faux fur tank top, a gothic pleated skirt, and boots.

2.    Windowsen Graphic Bodysuit, Fur High Boots, & Gerrit Jacob Printed Jeans

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Several scenes in “Supernova” showed Karina sporting an eye-catching bodysuit from Windowsen, which highlighted her amazing physique and stature. Karina also wore a pair of printed jeans from Gerrit Jacob and high boots from Windowsen.

If you want to achieve the idol’s look, you can consider trying this graffiti bodysuit from Amazon, jogger pants, and cowgirl boots for a twist.

3.    Diesel’s Metallic Finish Cotton Dress, Wing Earrings, & Silver Knee High Boots

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When aespa released the teaser images for their comeback, their fashion also stood out. Karina drew attention by wearing a blue metallic mini dress from Diesel and a pair of silver boulevard high boots from Generation Kiss.

Furthermore, Karina also took everyone’s breath away with her accessories, as the idol donned a pair of wing earrings, butterfly necklace, and anemone ring. When it comes to copying this look of Karina, there are a few things you may want to consider checking out.

This includes this shiny spaghetti-strap dress, silver high-ankle boots, butterfly choker, and multi-colored wing earrings.

4.    Rick Owen’s Ruched Edfu Top, OTTOLINGER Diamon Earrings & Red Pants

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On May 1, aespa officially dropped a teaser video titled, “Armageddon Launch Code.” The teaser also featured Karina, who wore a minimalistic but captivating pink top from Rick Owens, alongside a pair of diamond dip earrings and red leather pants, which are both from OTTOLINGER.

To achieve this look of Karina, you can try to add a few items to your wardrobe, such as this one shoulder strap option and this pair of red high-wasted pants.