aespa Karina, Lee Jae Wook Have Broken Up — Agency Cites Reason for the Split

After dating for more than two months, aespa Karina and Lee Jae Wook decided to end their relationship. In line with this, the actor’s agency and TenAsia cited the reason for the breakup.

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On April 2, the news that the couple had broken up emerged after multiple outlets reported their split.

TenAsia particularly claimed why the two decided to part ways, saying:

“Karina and Lee Jae Wook broke up due to emotional pain caused by various malicious comments and sorry feelings toward fans.”

C-JeS Entertainment Confirms aespa Karina, Lee Jae Wook Breakup

Following reports, C-JeS Entertainment, the actor’s agency, immediately addressed this and confirmed on the 2nd that the couple broke up.

In its official statement, the label briefly cited the reason they decided to split, and hinted that the two ended up on good terms.

“Lee Jae Wook decided to break up in order to focus on the work he is currently filming. The two will remain as colleagues who support and cheer each other.”

Lovestagram? aespa Karina Suspected of Matching With Boyfriend Lee Jae Wook With THIS Detail
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The company also asked for continuous support for the actor moving forward.

“Moving forward, we will greet each other with good activities in respective positions in the future. We ask for your warm interest and support.”

On the same day, SM Entertainment briefly commented:

“It is true that aespa Karina and Lee Jae Wook have broken up.”

Summary of Lee Jae Wook – aespa Karina Relationship

Lovestagram? aespa Karina Suspected of Matching With Boyfriend Lee Jae Wook With THIS Detail
(Photo : 조선일보)

On February 27, Karina and Lee Jae Wook’s relationship was revealed to the public after Dispatch exposed photos of the two having late-night dates. According to the report, they fell in love at first sight after meeting at a fashion show in January.

Both C-JeS and SM Entertainment acknowledged that they are in the initial stage of getting to know each other.

Although they started to see each other after feeling mutual feelings, it failed to blossom fully as the couple received backlash for being in a relationship.

aespa Karina's Relationship With Lee Jae Wook Leaked by Actor's Agency? Here's Why Speculation Arose
(Photo : Lee Jae Wook, aespa Karina (Kpopping | X))

In fact, as aespa’s fans, MYs criticize Karina, the idol herself took to SNS to bow her head for dating and apologize for “betraying” fans. On the other hand, Lee Jae Wook announced a lawsuit against malicious comments and rumors directed at the actor’s relationship with Karina.

Upon breakup news, netizens and fans expressed their sadness and frustration that the two broke up due to the overwhelming hateful and malicious comments that they received, much to affected their respective works.

People are blaming both Dispatch, the media outlet who exposed their relationship, their agencies who failed to protect the couple and the haters who only have negative comments toward the ex-lovers.