aespa Karina Reveals Why She Won’t Become Actress + Her Job If She Didn’t Debut as Idol

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In an interview, aespa Karina reveals the reason she’s not considering to debut as an actress. In the same show, she also shared what would be her work if she didn’t become a K-pop idol.

On June 7, the female idol met Girl’s Day Hyeri as a guest on her YouTube talk show, “Hyell’s Club.” Here, they dished on various topics, including the jobs that they want to do beyond singing and dancing.

Hyeri particularly talked about how she started acting on her 4th year as an idol back in 2014, and now that Karina is also a 4-year artist, the second-gen star asked her junior if she’s ever considering to become an actress.

The “Something” singer even praised the aespa member for her personality that can do anything as long as she tries.

However, Karina clarified that she don’t think she can do it, explaining:

“Ah but, I don’t think I can do it. I don’t speak very well. And my mouth doesn’t look very good when I talk. So when having a conversation like this, I don’t worry about it so it doesn’t matter.

But when filming things like concert VRs, I have lots of line. When I worry about it, my mouth doesn’t look nice.”

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Hyeri refuted it and emphasized that she’s actually good at it and continued to ask if she want to become a host or do variety show instead. Karina didn’t reject the idea and positively replied:

“I really want to try them. I really like variety shows. I like talking, but I’m not good at it.”

As the talk show went on, the two had a Q&A portion where Hyeri asked Karina about her almost job if she didn’t debut as aespa.

The latter then surprised the MC when she revealed that she actually prepared to become a flight attendant.

“I prepared to be a flight attendant. I attended a Chinese language school to become a flight attendant. (I can speak) a little. I used to be good, but I’ve forgotten so much now I only understand it.”

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Meanwhile, aespa, to which Karina belongs, is making headlines by achieving career highs day after day with their first full-length album ”Armageddon.”

Upon its release, the quartet recorded its highest score by ranking No.1 on iTunes in 25 regions around the world and ranked first on the integrated K-pop chart of five music platforms under China’s Tencent Music for four consecutive weeks, QQ.

Furthermore, both double title tracks, “Supernova” and “Armageddon” ranked first and at the top of major music charts at home and abroad, proving its huge success.