aespa Karina ‘Sulks’ To LE SSERAFIM Eunchae Because Of THIS — And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

Eunchae has left Karina “sulking” due to doing THIS, and fans can’t get enough of the aespa leader’s cuteness!

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Here’s what happened.

aespa Karina 'Sulks' To LE SSERAFIM Eunchae Because Of THIS — And It's The Cutest Thing Ever
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On June 6, the 46th episode of Eunchae’s popular show “Eunchae’s Stardiary” was released. The episode also featured a special guest, who is none other than aespa’s leader, Karina!

During the show, the two showcased their friendship, and discussed numerous topics such as aespa’s newest album “Armageddon,” the group’s promotions, world tour, and many more.

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At the 16:12 mark, Eunchae proceeded with the segment “Ask Karina anything with Eunchae,” which contained various questions from loving MYs. Karina then reiterated the first question asking how the two idols saved each other’s contacts on the phone.

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The “Supernova” singer revealed that Eunchae was saved to her phone with a cute nickname. However, Eunchae caused laughter in the room by revealing that she had initially saved Karina’s contact name as “Yoo Jimin Unnie,” causing Karina to adorably sulk!

Karina: “I’m curious how you guys saved each other on the phone!” 

Eunchae: “Oh, do you know?” 

Karina: “No, I don’t. Do you know? How you’re saved (on my phone)?” 

Eunchae: “I think I saw it the last time.” 

Karina: “It’s pretty cute.” 

Eunchae: “It used to be (saved as) Yoo Jimin unnie. But then I saw how you saved me and I felt bad so I changed it. I changed it! Now it’s pretty cute.”

Afterwards, the two revealed their respective cute nicknames for each other.

Eunchae: “What is it?”

Karina: “I saved you as ‘Eung,’ it’s ‘Eungchae’ with a baby bottle milk emoji next to it.”

Eunchae: “It used to be Yoo Jimin Unnie, but after I saw that I was like, ‘oh my,’ and I changed it to ‘Jji-min’ now. Isn’t it cute? It’s Jji-min.”

Karina: “It’s very cute, I can tell that you tried.”

Eunchae: “I still have ‘Yoo.'”

Watch the full clip here:


Here’s how fans reacted to Karina’s ‘tantrum’:

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