aespa Karina’s Dating Apology Receives International Coverage + MYs Call Situation as ‘National Embarrassment’

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Karina’s dating apology has reached the international media, causing Korean netizens to vent out the “embarrassment” the idol’s critics had caused.

Here’s what happened.

aespa Karina’s Dating Apology Covered by BBC, MYs Call Idol’s Critics as ‘National Embarrassment’

Karina trended online for her dating news with Lee Jae Wook on February 27. Fans welcomed the couple, but other netizens criticized the idol for dating to the point of sending a protest truck in front of the SM Entertainment building.

Lee Jae Wook & aespa Karina
(Photo : Twitter)

On March 5, Karina uploaded a handwritten letter on her official Instagram account. There was no direct mention of her dating news or Lee Jae Wook, but fans safely concluded that the idol was apologizing for the shocking reveal, creating a stir in the community.

Despite Karina’s intention to reassure fans that the “Bright Jimin” was back, the idol’s apology still went viral across online platforms and eventually gained coverage from international media.

On March 7, netizens gathered in an online post titled, “Karina’s dating apology was reported by BBC,”

The author then uploaded a screenshot from the news, followed by a tweet from BBC’s official X (Twitter) account.

aespa Karina's Dating Apology Receives International Coverage + MYs Call Idol's Critics as 'National Embarrassment'
(Photo : TheQoo)


OP cited the report:

“From the BBC report.

A K-pop star has issued a groveling apology after incensed fans accused her of ‘betrayal’ for having a boyfriend. The fans reportedly drove a truck to pop star Karina’s agency after finding out she was dating actor Lee Jae Wook.

‘Is the love given by fans not enough?’ an electronic billboard on the vehicle demanded.”

Fans Send Protest Truck to SM Entertainment Demanding aespa Karina to Apologize Following Dating News
(Photo : Weibo)

The article finds the dating ban on Korean and Japanese celebrities as very interesting,” OP shared. “But it seems to look down on them as a regressive culture.”

Fans were embarrassed by the ongoing situation, with many expressing their disdain for all the hate and criticism Karina had received ever since her dating revelation. 

Fortune Paper Predicted aespa Karina Dating News With Lee Jae Wook? Footage Resurfaces
(Photo : 한겨레)

Read their comments below:

  • “This is an embarrassment to the fans.”
  • “I’m ashamed.”
  • “National embarrassment. Korean fans aside, I just wish that foreign fans would stop sending trucks here.”
  • “Our f**ked up fan culture has caused a national embarrassment.”
  • “The weirdest thing about this were the kids making a fuss because of the dating news. They can’t help it if it goes viral.”
  • “Please stay out of celebrities’ personal lives. You crazy people who want to gaslight them with your weird logic, just get in your right mind.”

However, some netizens weren’t happy with how Karina handled the situation. They claimed that while Karina intended to mediate the situation, her apology caused embarrassment directed towards the fandom.

aespa Karina's Goddess-Like Visuals Stand Out at the Milan Fashion Show, KNetz React
(Photo : Karina (Kpopping))

This caused a heated debate on the platform, with MYs claiming that Karina wouldn’t have uploaded the apology if it weren’t for the critics.

  • “Of course, the first and foremost thing is that fans shouldn’t have acted that way but I also cannot understand why Karina dealt with it that way.” 
  • “Posting an official apology like that would just make her fans look like fools. Why humiliate your fans like that?”
  • “Her apology just made things way bigger than they were.”
  • “Just why did she write the apology? It’s like she’s giving the trolls a response to everything so they will make an even bigger mess.”
  • “Why is this Karina’s fault? Isn’t it your fault for swearing at Karina?” 
  • “Why are we talking about how pitiful the fans are? You guys cosplaying as fans should be the ones getting bashed the most.”
aespa Karina's Dating Apology Receives International Coverage + MYs Call Idol's Critics as 'National Embarrassment'
(Photo : pannchoa)

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