aespa Karina’s Short Skirt Called Out in THIS Video + MYs Defend Idol’s Styling

In a TikTok video, Karina’s skirt was called out for being shot, causing fans to rally in defense.

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Here’s what happened.

MYs Defend aespa Karina After Idol’s Short Skirt Gets Called Out

On November 23, a netizen established a forum titled, “Just how short is her skirt?” which featured aespa’s leader Karina.

In the post, the author uploaded a screenshot from aespa’s TikTok video on November 23, showing LE SSERAFIM Eunchae and Karina being goofy around each other and juggling plastic bags. Despite the clip’s funny context, the author pointed out Karina’s short skirt.

aespa Karina's Short Skirt Called Out in THIS Video + MYs Defend Idol's Styling

(Photo : pann.nate)

“You can see her safety shorts here, f**k,” OP captioned.

Netizens and MYs were enraged with the author’s sentiment, with many of them calling out the post for double standards.

  •  “So then isn’t it allowed to show safety shorts? Why do women have to cover themselves up to go around?”
  •  “People always scream it’s because of sexual harassment from men and it’s the issue here. Why should women be restricted? The moment a woman wears something short, you guys are the ones to point it out first.”
  •  “Do you think you’re helping women’s rights?”
aespa Karina's Short Skirt Called Out in THIS Video + MYs Defend Idol's Styling

(Photo : Instagram: @katarinabluu)

Meanwhile, some stated that issues are non-existent since Karina wore safety shorts, while others pointed out how popular idols always end up being called out for their fashion choices.

  •  “Well, who cares whether the skirt is long or short? There’s no issues here as long as she wears safety shorts.”
  •  “Do female idols need to get approval for what they wear now? You can wear whatever you want and call it ‘confident,’ but when it’s worn by people like Karina, Wonyoung, or Jennie, you suddenly get uncomfortable.”
aespa Karina

(Photo : Instagram: @katarinabluu)

In a separate platform, international fans laid a different perspective on the skirt by elaborating on Karina’s body type and how the stylists matched the clothing with her proportions.

  •  “Karina was most likely styled like this because of her proportions since she has a longer torso and shorter legs. This skirt is supposed to make her legs look longer.”
  •  “Obviously, the skirt is meant to be at least mid-waisted, but they pulled it up even higher for her torso to look shorter. As a result, the skirt rode up in the front.”

In other news, the K-pop community drew their attention to Karina’s fansite photos, which they claimed as over-edited. Netizens were frustrated with the idol’s edited pictures because of how naturally pretty Karina is in her appearances and unedited photos.

They also questioned why these edits were even necessary in the first place since Karina is already one of the most gorgeous idols in the K-pop industry. See the comparisons here.

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