aespa NingNing Randomly Says ‘Meow’ to Hyoyeon — SNSD Member’s Reaction Draws Laughter

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SNSD Hyoyeon and aespa NingNing showed off their hilarious chemistry while enjoying delicious food and drinks.  

On May 29, the Girls’ Generation member released the premiere episode of her new YouTube web show, “Hyoyeon’s Level Up.” There, Hyoyeon invited her junior idol aespa NingNing as the first guest, and they talked about various topics while enjoying a sumptuous feast.

When their food was being served, NingNing expressed her excitement and randomly let out a cute sound, “niahong~”, like a cat.

Confused, Hyoyeon asked her:

“Is that trending these days? Niahong?”

NingNing then confessed:

“It’s kind of my habit. It’s annoying and cute, right?”

Perplexed with the maknae’s sudden “aegyo” attack, Hyoyeon blurted:

“What the hell?”

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Behind the studio, NingNing then further explained her unique habit of copying the sound of a cat and said:

“We usually understand other’s feelings depending on their expressions, right? If you do it like, ‘nyang, nyang’ just like this, they don’t really know what I’m feeling exactly. They don’t really get it, which is quite fun to me.”

Flaunting her “maknae” energy in front of Hyoyeon, her senior idol refuted that she was giving off the image of the youngest member.

The SNSD member acknowledged NingNing’s skills and praised her:

“Feels like she does her work very well, you know?”

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However, NingNing’s team denied this and exposed her for being spoiled. However, the young star explained:

“I did it on purpose… to look cute.”

As the interview went on, Hyoyeon then flaunted her Chinese-speaking skills to the Chinese aespa member and when the latter asked if SM forced her to learn it, Hyoyeon replied:

“At the time, they selected one girl and one boy (to learn Chinese) and I said I wanted to go. I was determined and showed them my passion.”

Hearing this, NingNing once again said:


Distracted by it, Hyoyeon hilariously responded:


Shocked by Hyoyeon, NingNing took some time laughing before she was able to collect herself and said:

“You’re the first person to react like this.”

Hyoyeon also said:

“You’re the first person to cry like a cat.”

As the episode concluded, Hyoyeon left her impression by meeting NingNing alone, saying:

“I might be quite a good senior responding to her ‘meow’ with a ‘woof.’ Although she seems quirky, she is very mature and I could learn to have a positive mindset.”