aespa Praised For Not Following The ‘Easy-Listening’ Sound Trend: ‘That’s Why I Like SM’

Netizens have opened a discussion regarding aespa’s newest release, which according to many, has deviated from the easy-listening sound format that is currently trending in the K-pop industry. Here’s what they discussed. On May 14, netizens flocked to a forum discussing aespa’s newest single “Supernova.”

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The post featured a screenshot of a lengthy comment in the music video, which elaborated on the consecutive releases of easy-listening songs and K-pop’s unique diversity.

Read the netizen’s comment below:

aespa Praised For Not Following The 'Easy-Listening' Sound Trend: 'That's Why I Like SM'
(Photo : Instiz)

“It’s been really diluted nowadays, but K-pop’s original assets were diversity and the group’s unique aura. There are songs that are performed in army style dancing while singing, but at the end of the day, diversity is K-pop’s weapon.

If you look at old groups, can’t you see it? Groups like TVXQ BIGBANG, EXO, SHINee, Girls’ Generation, Wonder Girls, KARA, SISTAR, etc., there are no groups whose concepts and aura overlap. Although they tried different concepts, they clearly maintained the group’s aura.

And aespa, like those groups, is responsible for bringing diversity to K-pop. Easy-to-listen songs are popular these days since they’re armed with nostalgic fashion, relatable lyrics, and are guaranteed to deliver success and popularity.

However, they take away the fun in K-pop because it simply creates uniformity. Any of the major groups these days must continue to try new things and maintain their identities, so K-pop will be richer in the future.

Honestly, if this group had come out with easy-listening songs, I think I would rather only listen to foreign pop music, and with that level of visuals and talent, easy-listening songs would just be a waste of talent.”

The author also followed up with a post:

aespa Praised For Not Following The 'Easy-Listening' Sound Trend: 'That's Why I Like SM'
(Photo : Instiz)

“Why should aespa do easy-listening songs, please stop avoiding difficult songs and live a little.”

Meanwhile, K-netz and international K-pop fans simply agreed with the claims. They also praised aespa and SM Entertainment for releasing tracks that highlight one’s musical identity and core concept, which are also contributing factors to K-pop’s diversity.

  • “They’re cool and I agree with the comment.”
  • “I’m not a fan of aespa but I always listen to whatever they release, aespa really has a unique taste.”
  • “Agree, honestly that’s why I like SM.”
  • “I like that SM has its own distinctive colors.”
  • “This song was released at the perfect timing where people are craving for the signature K-pop sound.”
  • “Supernova brings back the old K-pop music while adapting to current fashion style and good mv production.”
  • “Also credits to aespa for making any song sound good. That’s a huge talent itself.”
  • “Every group needs their own identity and sound. It’s not fun if everyone releases easy-sounding songs but it’d be no fun if everyone only released experimental songs either.”
  • “Exactly. Music listening has become such a passive thing everyone wants music they don’t really have to pay attention to.”

What are your thoughts on easy-listening songs? Are you looking forward to more of aespa’s releases? Let us know in the comments below!