aespa Winter Dispels Concerns of Having Blonde Hair in Toreta Drink Ad: ‘She’s Like a Fairy’

Amid concerns about being the first blonde model for Toreta ion drink, aespa Winter earned the approval of the public with her refreshing and fairy-like visuals.

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Reason aespa Winter Was Criticized for Having Blonde Hair for Toreta Drink Ad

On April 2, the isotonic drink Toreta brand revealed aespa Winter as their new CF model.

Prior to the release of her first-ever ad, the brand unveiled a concept photo of the star, surprising K-netizens with her blonde hair.

aespa Winter Scores New CF Deal — K-Nets Debate on How Well She Suits the Brand
aespa Winter
(Photo : Star News)

In particular, prior to the release of the CF, Koreans weren’t impressed to see Winter’s photo that seemed to break the “unofficial” national rule of selecting a hydration drink’s model — and that is having long, black hair.

K-Netz explained that if its rival brand Pocari Sweat drink has the image of the coolness of the blue sea, Toreta has the refreshing vibe of the green forest.

In the past CFs of the latter brand had always been a model with long, dark hair and it perfectly suits the general public’s preference.

Another reason why netizens initially didn’t like Winter as the model for Toreta was due to her idol image and outfit that differed from the previous brand models.

aespa Winter Stuns With Fairy-like Visuals in Toreta Drink Ad + Gets Rave Reviews

On April 15 then, the much-awaited CF of aespa Winter for the brand was finally unveiled and contrary to the criticisms she originally received, the majority of Koreans were blown away by the idol’s video!

In the clip, Winter not only flaunts her refreshing visuals and beautiful vocals, but her blonde hair stands out as well, netters stating that she’s like a fairy in the green forest.

aespa Winter Dispels Concerns of Having Blonde Hair in Toreta Drink Ad: 'She's Like a Fairy'
(Photo : aespa Winter (Nate Pann))

Web commenters also claimed that Toreta initially had an ambiguous image before, but thanks to Winter, they will always remember the ion drink brand due to her blonde hair.

Here are some of the positive comments:

  • At the end, the ‘I like Toreta’ gave away that she’s a singer. Her vocals are really great.”
  • “This CF reinforced Toreta’s brand image as a refreshing drink. It’s a big hit for Winter.”

  • “I watched the video and it seems like they chose a really good model for Toreta. To be honest, I thought she would not stand out and it wouldn’t suit her because of her blonde hair but it actually turned out even better.
  • Toreta’s image was similar to Pocari and honestly, it felt ambiguous, but she gave off a refreshing feeling like an elf in the forest. I think it clearly distinguishes it from Pocari’s blue sea refreshing look. The ad video is also very good. Even on X, they say they did a good job marketing it.”
  • “No, it’s really pretty. I feel like my eyes have been opened and I feel refreshed.”
  • “She is the living proof of coolness.”