aespa Winter Undergoes Surgery Due To Collapsed Lung + SM Entertainment Confirms

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Winter went through surgery due to a collapsed lung, sparking concerns across the K-pop community.

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aespa Winter Confirmed Having Went Through Surgery Due To Collapsed Lung

On April 12, SM Entertainment released a confirmation of Winter’s surgery procedure due to pneumothorax, commonly known as a collapsed lung.

Aespa Winter
(Photo : instagram)

The agency shared that the idol is currently recovering her health. It also disclosed how the collapsed lung is also subject to recurrence. To avoid repercussions, the surgery was a necessary step based on the opinions of medical professionals.

Winter went through surgery due to pneumothorax and is now recovering,” SM shared. “Since it is a disease that is easy to recur, (the surgery) was decided as a preemptive measure based on the opinion of the medical staff, and it was agreed upon after a sufficient discussion.”

Aespa Winter
(Photo : instagram)

SM Entertainment also released a brief statement regarding Winter’s future activities with aespa. “Regarding her schedules in the future, we are currently considering Winter’s recovery as our top priority,” SM commented.

On social media platform X (Twitter), MYs expressed their worries for the idol, and wished her a speedy recovery. Here’s how they reacted online:

Wishing Winter the speediest of recoveries!

aespa Winter’s Vocals Get Compared To Bae Suzy In Same Song Cover

In other news, Winter’s cover of “Farewell Under the Sun” during her appearance at “Lee Mujin Service” created a discussion online. The episode was aired earlier on July 18, 2023. However, the cover eventually sparked comparisons to former miss A member Bae Suzy.

According to the comments of netizens, some laid out various takes on the two covers. Internet users claimed that while Winter had the advantage when it came to vocal techniques, some argued that Suzy was more skillful in showing her emotions while performing.

On the other hand, others were neutral with their reactions since both idols performed the song well in their own style and execution.

For me, the one who sang it better was Winter,” a netizen remarked. “Suzy was out of breath during the first lines, but her version showed a lot more emotion.”

Another fan commented, “They both have songs that they can pull off best.”

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