aespa’s “Amageddon” Promotion Cut Short due to Winter and Ningning’s Health? 

On June 6, aespa’s agency, SM Entertainment, posted an announcement titled “Notice Regarding the Conclusion of aespa’s First Full Album ‘Armageddon’ Music Show Promotions” on the communication platform Weverse.

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In this statement, SM announced, “We inform you that the music show promotions for aespa’s first full album ‘Armageddon’ have concluded”, adding, “aespa was originally scheduled to appear on music shows until this week, but their broadcast activities have ended earlier than planned.”


Regarding the reason for the early conclusion of their album promotions, the agency explained, “This decision was made to prepare for their solo concert scheduled for June 29-30 and to manage the members’ conditions, so we ask for fans’ understanding.”

Previously, in April, Winter underwent surgery for a pneumothorax, and Ningning also missed some schedules due to symptoms of dehydration and exhaustion. SM Entertainment appears to have adjusted the activity schedule to protect the health of all aespa members.

In response, fans have reacted with comments like, “I hope they get plenty of rest” and “Good luck with the tour.”

Source: TopStarNews