aespa’s “Drama” was Lee Soo Man’s ‘planting trees’ song that allegedly made them cry

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Remember at the beginning of this year when SM Entertainment was having their internal war and Lee Sung Soo accused Lee Soo Man of delaying aespa’s comeback and wanting a song about planting trees? Well if not, that probably just means you’re sane, but for a brief refresher he pushed for key lyrics like these:

Well, it’s been reported that aespa’s latest comeback with “Drama” is that song, and it took them this long to completely rework the lyrics and sound.

“Drama” was confirmed to be the same song that former SM executive producer Lee Soo-man insisted on with the lyrics about “planting trees”. After the SM system change, both the melody and the lyrics have been reproduced completely.
An official from the music industry told The Fact, “The mood of the song has completely changed as they changed the melody and rearranged to make it different from the original version, especially, the lyrics has been re-written”.

Never forget what they took from us.

“What U wanna do what U gonna do It’s all gone and I am back to be or not to be / Gotta get some new gotta get some new Start Paradigm Everything is Sustainability / Wind sunlight water Wind wind sunlight water Planting another tree with what we already have / Don’t forget to raise and see further with the word ‘co-prosperity’ This is the last call so what about” (Original lyrics of the chorus)

I don’t care what they said about changing the sound, now I’m imagining some girl crush song about planting trees and it’s a camp classic.

“I plant tree-e-e-e-e-ees!”