aespa’s Karina, Rihanna and Georgina Rodríguez wore the same necklace worth $1.2 million and here is K-netizens’ reactions

These three beauties showed off their elegance in this expensive necklace and K-netizens have picked their favorite

On September 18th, a netizen made a post on the Korean popular online community theqoo, featuring photos of aespa’s Karina, Rihanna and Georgina Rodríguez wearing the same necklace.

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The necklace was reportedly from the luxury jewelry brand Chopard. It flaunts a big red diamond and is estimated to be worth about $1.2 million.

Original post : theqoo

Fascinated by the coincidence, Korean netizens are pouring in the comment section. Some of the comments are as follow:

“I don’t see anything but Karina’s face. So pretty”

“Rihanna looks like she owns it”

“I think Karina is the prettiest but her dress was a pity”

“Rihanna is so sensible to match her lip color with the dress”

“Georgina, Karina, Rihanna, na na na”

What is your opinion on this occasion of “Who wore it best?”