aespa’s ‘Puffy’ Legs in THESE Photos Spark Discussion Among MYs — Is It Because of Camera Angles?

Netizens are discussing aespa’s press photos in an online discussion, where they pointed out the members’ “puffy” legs and expressed their opinions.

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Here’s what people are saying.

aespa’s ‘Puffy’ Press Photos Sparks Discussion Among MYs

On September 21, aespa initiated a discussion across online communities for their press photos that laid a stark contrast to their “skinny” physique, according to netizens.

The original poster claimed aespa members flaunted looks that were in between “thin enough” and “skinny,” adding that press photos or fancams are the reasons why they also get hate.

See the photos uploaded by the author below:

  •  “They look something between thin enough and skinny, but they get hated on because of these pictures from journalists or their fancams.”
aespa Worries MYs for Their 'Puffy' Legs in THESE Photos — Is It Because of Camera Angles?

(Photo : Instiz)

aespa Worries MYs for Their 'Puffy' Legs in THESE Photos — Is It Because of Camera Angles?

(Photo : Instiz)

MYs then followed up with numerous comments regarding the photos and stated that while aespa looked “puffy” in the pictures, they claimed the members looked rather skinny in person.

Some mentioned how the press photos altered aespa’s true physique. Others pointed out the members looked puffy due to the camera angles. Read their comments below:

  •  “Wow, they look seriously puffy in photo, but they’re skinny in real life.”
  •  “Is the first picture taken with a phone camera? They look so skinny, but journalists’ cameras make them look so puffy.”
  •  “I thought they already looked skinny in pictures from journalists, but the phone camera is just unbelievable.”
  •  “Every time people hate on celebrities because of press photos like these, I always receive a reality check.”
  •  “If they look like that in photo, then they’re probably skinnier in person. They’re doing such an extreme job.”

(Photo : Twitter: @aespa_official)

In a different platform, fans also tackled the topic of standards. They even called out K-pop stylists in general and suggested they should learn how to pick the right choices for different body types. Others opposed the claims of aespa being “puffy” in the press photos.

  •  “If these photos are ‘puffy’ or ‘not skinny’ to people, then the problem are the standards being enabled rather than any camera angle.”
  •  “I pray for the day K-pop stylists learn how to dress different body types, especially like Giselle (and Yeri) with long legs and shorter torso.”
  •  “They look ‘skinny’ in both photos? Where’s the ‘puffy’ part because I can’t see anything ‘puffy’ about this.”
  •  “aespa looks good in both photos. Netizens need serious help. They even look better in those journalist photos. What do Koreans consider pretty legs?”

What are your thoughts on aespa’s press photos? What’s your take on the reactions of netizens and fans? Let us know in the comments below!

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