Aespa’s shockingly low album sales for their first full album ‘Armageddon’

First day album sales of Aespa’s first full album

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There are 4 members and there are 20 versions

Sales are much lower than last year

1. There are many versions

2. People are losing interest much faster than before

3. There are 20 versions?

4. Wow, only 4 members but 20 versions… They could have just released a few photobooks and one version of the CD per member. I wish all the idols would cut back a bit now that the inflation is starting to fade away…

5. Is China really that big of a market? I mean, that number is still high, but inflation was really severe

6. Why are there so many versions?? I get SMini, but what are My Power and Super Bing? What versions are those?

7. This makes sense… As Min Heejin said, first-week sales can go up or down, so we shouldn’t always assume they’ll just keep going up by default

8. When will the pre-orders be reflected?

9. Isn’t the first-week sales count not finished yet?

10. Wow, 20 versions

11. There are 4 members but there are 20 versions?

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