After 2.5 years, A.C.E returns with their 6th Mini-Album, My Girl: “My Choice”

A.C.E is back with their sixth mini-album, My Girl: “My Choice”. This is the first mini-album they have released in two and a half years since completing their military enlistment, having returned with deeper music and storytelling that they wish to convey to their fans, Choice.

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With My Girl: “My Choice,” A.C.E explores the “reasons for existence” with a love story while incorporating “Conatus,” the essence and core power of all beings. 

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“I believe this album portrays the journey of modern individuals rediscovering their lost selves and embodies their emotions.” – Lee Donghun, Member of A.C.E

The mini-album includes seven songs, including pre-release singles “Effortless” and “Angel.” The title track, “My Girl,” is a disco-pop song that tells the story of A.C.E‘s journey in discovering themselves, leaving, and finding the meaning of their existence.

Lee Donghun took part in writing this track along with British singer-songwriter Etham, who also participated in writing “Effortless.” The song was produced by up-and-coming producer, Nickko Young who is known for his work with artists such as Stray Kids, NiziU, and Tomorrow X Together. “Facetime” is a self-written song by WOW, that describes a boy conveying his innermost feelings about a girl he is trying to Facetime with. The mini-album includes English versions of “Effortless,” “My Girl,” and “Angel.” 

A.C.E member Kang Yuchan was unable to participate in this comeback as he was fulfilling his military enlistment during the time of production. 

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