After accusing ILLIT of copying, K-netizens accuses NewJeans of also plagiarizing TXT

Newjeans Phoning (2022) & TXT concept for Minisode:1 (2020) 

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New Jeans, a concept that makes people say that if the Illits are similar, this is also similiar

The pictures released on the website when the TXT album was released are from Minisode1: Blue Hour (2020)

The pictures are from The Chaos Chapter Freeze (2021)

Ditto that smells like TXT somewhere. The pictures from The Dream: Magic TXT (2019) 

The topic of this article is not to seriously claim that someone plagiarized someone, but rather, they believed that their idol was original and pointed the finger at other idols. Since senior idols had already done it and borrowed various concepts and designs from the past, they created originality and originality with those concepts. Claiming to be the original author is unreasonable.

K-Netz react:

1. That’s right.. the TXT one is more similar haha

2. Oh my gosh they are similar haha they are more similar than Illit haha

3. uh? It looks really similar haha

4. If TXT had come out later, I think they would have been beaten for imitating newjeans

5. Wow, I was reading the article in order and thought TXT came out later, but it turns out it came out before New Jeans

6. Oh, the concept was similar to TXT

7. I’m really dumbfounded. What can I say? New Jeans is not the first in anything….

8. Min Hee-jin copied Bang Si-hyuk’s work

9. Wow, TXT did it first

10. It’s exactly the same

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