Agency Sent IU’s Fancon Tickets To Fans Who Reported Illegal Ticket Reservations

Some fans reportedly received IU’s concert tickets by reporting illegal ticket reservations

Recently, EDAM Entertainment released a notice on IU’s official fancafe the permanent expulsion from IU’s official fanclub to 12 people who attempted to make illegal transactions for IU’s fancon “I+UN1VER5E” tickets and the cancellation of their illegal tickets.

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On the same day, ticketing agency Melon also said, “On the reservation page for IU fan-concert tickets, 8 reservations were detected as illegal transactions”, adding “All suspected illegal transactions have been canceled”.

It is known that IU’s agency discovered illegal ticket reservations through some informants. In particular, those who initially failed to get IU’s fancon tickets among the informants received a message from the company that said, “Dear customer, based on the data reported by you, illegal transactions and reservations have been detected and canceled. We notice that your reservation for the performance has not been recorded so we will deliver the ticket of the reservation you reported to you”.

This message spread widely on SNS sites and in online communities. In response, netizens commented, “They must have secretly observed it”, “The reason you have to live nicely”, “I envy them so much”, etc.


Meanwhile, IU is holding ‘2023 IU Fancon ‘I+UN1VER5E’’ at KSPO DOME in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 23rd and 24th of September. This is an offline event that combines a concert and a fanmeeting to create a place for IU to officially meet UAENA (IU’s fandom) four years after the 11th debut anniversary fanmeeting in 2019.

All seats for the fancon were sold out in an instant as soon as the pre-sale for UAENA official fanclub members. The highest number of users waiting to reserve tickets reached 350,000.

Source: Insight