Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun Pair Up In SBS New Action-Comedy Series

Following SBS’s Friday-Saturday refreshing crime story tradition, the new series takes the baton in 2024.

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재벌X형사 Chaebol X Detective (LT) follows the story of a chaebol detective who catches criminals.

SBS has built a trustworthy reputation in its dramas with humorous character plays and exciting narratives of good and punishment such as The Fiery Priest, One Dollar Lawyer, Taxi Driver, and One The Woman.

This is a new work from writer Kim Bada, who penned My Name, and director Kim Jae-hong, who co-directed Through The Darkness and Revenant, will join forces to create a comical action investigation full of wit and tension.

Joining the lineage of SBS Friday-Saturday heroes, Ahn Bo Hyun portrays Jin Yi-soo a parachute detective and a third-generation childish chaebol who loves having fun.

Jin Yi-soo is a chaebol who catches criminals by mobilizing not only the enormous wealth and connections of his chaebol family, but also his brilliant brain power and various skills he acquired from his numerous activities.

Ahn Bo Hyun, who has shown off his ability to portray a wide spectrum of characters through Descendants of the Sun, Itaewon Class, My Name, Military Prosecutor Doberman, and See You In My 19th Life, has transformed into ‘Young & Rich Munchkin Hero’ in Chaebol X Detective.

Next, Park Ji Hyun attempts an unconventional acting transformation by playing the role of Lee Kang-hyun, an investigative geek and the first female team leader in the violent crime scene.

Kang-hyun is a veteran detective who risked her life to apprehend criminals and is a character at the top of her social life who has both a knack for picking on and putting down opponents in a gentle manner. However, her detective life takes a major turning point when she unexpectedly meets Yi-soo who becomes her investigative partner.

The actress was loved for showing off her noble and elegant aura in Reborn Rich and Do You Like Brahms prepares for her role as a detective with an easy-going, girl-crush charm.

The lead stars reunite after their stint in Yumi’s Cells raising expectations to how they will work as investigative partners in the new series.

Chaebol X Detective is scheduled to launch in 2024 on SBS!

Source: joynews24