Ahn Bo Hyun, Lee Do Hyun Team Up for Air Force Promo on ‘The Backpacker Chef 2’

On the June 2nd broadcast of tvN’s “The Backpacker Chef 2,” viewers were treated to an engaging episode featuring the extreme catering team as they entered the Air Force Band and Honor Guard Battalion.

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The episode highlighted Ahn Bo Hyun’s special mission to create a promotional video for the prestigious military units. He sought the help of fellow actor Lee Do Hyun, approaching him with a straightforward request:

“I think you need to help out.”

During their interaction, Ahn Bo Hyun took the opportunity to check in on Lee Do Hyun’s well-being.

Ahn Bo Hyun, Lee Do Hyun
Ahn Bo Hyun, Lee Do Hyun
(Photo : Instagram)

When asked if he was having a hard time, “The Glory” star reassured him:

“I’m not having a hard time. I’m fine.”

 Lee Do-hyun
 Lee Do Hyun, Ahn Bo Hyun

Their conversation turned to their military service. Lee Do Hyun inquired:

 “What year did you serve in the military?”

Ahn Bo Hyun responded:

“I served in 2008.”

Surprised by this, Lee Do Hyun asked:

 “If you served in 2008, how old are you?”

Ahn Bo Hyun revealed that he’s 37 now, to which Lee Do Hyun, astonished, remarked:

 “I thought you were in your early thirties.”

Lee Do-hyun
Lee Do Hyun, Ahn Bo Hyun

The camaraderie between the two actors was evident as Ahn Bo Hyun proposed an idea for the promotional video.

Ahn Bo Hyun, Lee Do Hyun
Ahn Bo Hyun, Lee Do Hyun
(Photo : naver)

Ahn Bo Hyun suggested, “I would like you to be next to me,” indicating his active involvement in the mission.

Throughout the broadcast, Lee Do Hyun repeatedly praised the culinary delights prepared by the catering team.

After tasting the goulash, he exclaimed:

“Wow, I used to order goulash a lot, but this is much better.”

He was equally impressed with the Hamburg steak, noting:

“Is this the Hamburg steak we used to eat? It’s not. It wasn’t this moist and plump.”

In a light-hearted moment, Lee Do Hyun made a humorous declaration:

 “I’m really sorry to my dad, but (Baek Jong Won) is my father. I’m going to work under the name Baek Dong Hyun.”

The Backpacker Chef 2
The Backpacker Chef 2

The episode not only showcased the actors’ rapport but also highlighted the impressive culinary skills of the extreme catering team, making it a memorable broadcast for viewers.

See “The Backpacker Chef 2” Episode 2, featuring Lee Do Hyun, below!