Ahn Bo Hyun Names Kim Woo Bin as Reason He Became an Actor

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Ahn Bo Hyun dished out on his closeness with fellow actor Kim Woo Bin and how grateful he was to meet him.

The “My Name” star appeared as a guest in SBS’ “Whenever I Have a Chance” Episode 4, along with Yoo Yeon Seok, where the duo talked about their personal lives and careers.

One of the topics that Ahn Bo Hyun revealed to host Yoo Jae Sook was the reason he became an actor.

In previous interviews, the “Yumi’s Cells” star was vocal about his humble beginnings. During his early years in high school, he used to participate in amateur boxing competitions. He won a gold medal and dreams of playing at the professional level.

However, opportunities came outside Busan, and he started modeling, making his debut in 2007 as a model.

Interestingly, this was when he met fellow actor Kim Woo Bin, who also started in the modeling industry.

During his interview with Yoo Jae Sook in “Whenever I Have a Chance,” Ahn Bo Hyun shared the story about his debut.

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“I graduated from college with a degree in modeling, and I was going to Gangnam with a friend,” he said. It turned out that the friend that he was referring to is the top star Kim Woo Bin.

According to Ahn Bo Hyun, he knew him even before his debut as a model. “He told me he was going to Seoul to act, so I followed him,” he added, and the rest is history for him.

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As the show continued, Ahn Bo Hyun revealed that he was also fulfilling his parents’ wishes at some point. He mentioned that his parents wanted him to “stop exercising” and consider joining the military as his job.

Interestingly, he took advantage of his height and enrolled in a modeling department. After his military discharge, he decided to become an actor.

Ahn Bo Hyun made his first K-drama appearance in 2014 after being part of “Golden Cross,” “Two Mothers,” and “My Secret Hotel” all in the same year.

Because of his physique, he also made it to the hit K-drama “Descendants of the Sun,” where he played as one of Song Joong Ki’s soldiers.

With his charm and talent, he had his first lead role in Naver TV’s “After the Show Ends” with Ha Seok Jin, Yoon So Hee, Yura, and Lee Min Hyuk.

However, Ahn Bo Hyun had his big break in the 2020 K-drama “Itaewon Class,” where he played as the villain Jang Geun Won.

Ahn Bo Hyun Emotional After Talking to Kim Woo Bin During His Hiatus

In 2018, Ahn Bo Hyun appeared on MBC’s “Radio Star,” where he shared his conversation with Kim Woo Bin on the phone. He told the host a funny story about how they started their friendship.

According to him, during their pre-modeling days, Ahn Bo Hyun would borrow clothes from Kim Woo Bin since they studied at the same academy.

In addition, the actor also praised Woo Bin because he was the only friend who helped him out during his military enlistment.

At the time when the top star was on hiatus for his recovery, Ahn Bo Hyun recalled the time when he got emotional.

“I talked on the phone with him several days ago. I heard his voice for the first time in a long time, so I teared up,” he said, adding that Kim Woo Bin was happy to hear that Ahn Bo Hyun will be appearing as a guest in “Radio Star.”