Ahn Eun Jin Shares Honest Thoughts on Postponement of ‘Goodbye Earth’: “I Always Waited and…’

Ahn Eun Jin dishes on her experience filming “Goodbye Earth” and at the same time shares her true feelings about the postponement of the Netflix series. 

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Joining co-stars Jeon Seong Woo, Kim Yun Hye, and director Kim Jin Min during the press conference of the upcoming series, the actress talks about the setback that the team faced due to Yoo Ah In’s controversy. 

Goodbye Earth
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Ahn Eun Jin Expresses Gratitude for the ‘Goodbye Earth’ Release

In a report, Ahn Eun Jin expressed how “grateful and happy” she is that the team can now show the public the hard work they’ve put into “Goodbye Earth.”

Based on the webtoon, it is a pre-apocalyptic K-drama that focuses on the journey of humans who are about to deal with the last 200 days before an asteroid collides with Earth.

Ahn Eun Jin takes on the role of middle school teacher Jin Se Kyung. Amid the chaos, she showed her compassion and determination to save her students. 

Goodbye Earth
(Photo : Netflix)
Goodbye Earth
(Photo : Netflix K-Content)

Moreover, she will do everything she can to protect the children from the dangerous situation.

However, as “Goodbye Earth” wrapped up the production, lead star Yoo Ah In faced drug-related controversy, causing the postponement of the upcoming K-drama. 

At the height of Yoo Ah In’s investigation, a source from Netflix confirmed that the premiere was “temporarily postponed” and the release date has “not been determined.”

During the press conference, Ah Eun Jin got honest and revealed that she patiently waited for the announcement of the “Goodbye Earth” release. 

According to her, the team “chatted actively in the group KakaoTalk room” and would talk about the setback that the upcoming drama faced. 

“I always waited and said, ‘When should we have a company dinner? ‘” she said, adding, “Because the cast was always together, we held small gatherings during the waiting time,” she said, recalling the moments before Netflix announced the official release date. 

After months of waiting, Netflix officially announced the much-awaited premiere. 

Goodbye Earth
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On March 29, the streaming giant released the drama’s official poster along with the confirmation of its release date. 

The long wait is over for fans, and the team behind the series, “Goodbye Earth,” will officially hit Netflix on April 26. 

In addition to this, Netflix dropped a sneak peek of the series, showcasing a glimpse of the characters played by Ahn Eun Jin, Jeon Seong Woo, and Kim Yoon Hye.

As for Yoo Ah In, officials have decided to retain his character but will trim down his air time. 

The controversial actor plays Ahn Eun Jin’s on-screen boyfriend, Ha Yoon Sang. 

She is Jin Se Kyung’s longtime boyfriend, who works as a researcher at the Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology in the United States.