AKMU’s Epic Reaction to Bizarre Award Has the Internet BUZZING — Find Out Why

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In a hilarious turn of events at the Circle Chart Music Awards 2023 on January 10, AKMU found themselves in a moment of perplexity when presented with the peculiar “Busan is Good” award.

The sibling duo, already amidst the anticipated awards ceremony, left both themselves and netizens in stitches as they grappled with the unexpected honor.

Onstage Laughter and Chicken Suits: AKMU’s Unscripted Journey to Acceptance

As AKMU took the stage, the confusion only deepened when they were declared winners of the enigmatic award.


(Photo : SPOT TV)

The pair, seemingly caught off guard, hesitated in their reaction, unsure of how to respond to the whimsical recognition. The laughter escalated as they navigated the stage, with netizens particularly enjoying the lighthearted interactions with TXT.

Chuckles and Chicken Suits: A Comedic Acceptance

Adding to the comedic atmosphere, AKMU was greeted by an individual donning a chicken suit upon receiving the award.


(Photo : Twitter)

Chan Hyuk, visibly puzzled, even had to glance down at the trophy to ascertain its purpose. The duo struggled to contain their laughter while introducing themselves, amplifying the amusement for both the audience and online spectators.

As Chan Hyuk stumbled through his acceptance speech, fans’ laughter echoed in the background. Suhyun, recognizing the awkwardness, turned around to stifle her own laughter.


Super Junior’s Leeteuk intervened to assist Chan Hyuk in expressing gratitude, emphasizing the sheer bewilderment surrounding the award.

AKMU’s Playful Demeanor Continues: Embracing the Eccentric “V Coloring” Award

Undeterred by the equally perplexing “V Coloring” award, AKMU maintained their light-hearted approach. Not missing a beat, the duo seized the opportunity to give another nod to Busan, perpetuating the whimsy of the evening.

Netizens Join the Fun: Global Confusion Over Unusual Awards

Online reactions mirrored the on-stage hilarity, with netizens worldwide expressing their confusion over the unconventional awards. The shared sentiment was that AKMU’s willingness to embrace the absurdity added an extra layer of enjoyment to the ceremony.



As the duo playfully accepted each award, netizens agreed that while the award names may be getting stranger, AKMU’s ability to revel in the confusion is what made the night truly memorable.