Alien Winter? Fans Discover aespa Photos ‘From the 1980s’ — Here Are MYs’ Theories

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Ahead of the release of aespa’s first studio album, a heated discussion sparked among MYs after discovering the group’s photos from the ’80s.

On May 13, aespa will finally return to the music scene and deliver explosive energy with the release of one of its double title tracks, “Supernova” from its first full-length album, “Armageddon.”

The sound source & MV will be released through the SMTOWN YouTube channel and other music-streaming platforms.

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Before its official release, aespa’s SNS unveiled “Supernova” MV teaser photos wherein the members were seen wearing hip outfits while posing in various places on the street.

While admiring the photos of aespa, Korean MYs who were saving Winter’s shots from the official website in their galleries accidentally found out that the photos taken were dated back to January 1, 1980.

Testing it with the other members, their teasers were also saved on the same date in 1980.

As a result, this became a hot topic among the fandom and while some explained that it could be a glitch, more MYs insisted that it could be intentional since the preceding aespa “Armageddon” photos were saved in the modern date.

With this, multiple fan theories surfaced and the majority of them were connecting this to the group’s worldview that transcends time and crosses the timeline.

According to SM, this song foreshadows aespa’s expanded worldview by comparing the beginning of an event that opens a door to another dimension to a supernova and expresses the beginning of a big explosion inside “me” in a hip mood, which is enough to enjoy aespa’s unique charm.

Thus, fans suspect that aespa will be aliens in this comeback era, to which fans supported that it was in the 1980s when real reports and documents about UFOs were written in England.

Some fans are also guessing that aespa could be time-traveling to the past.

Amid these theories, fans will confirm this after its official release on May 13 at 6 pm KST.

Following this, aespa’s first full-length album “Armageddon” will be released on May 27th, which contains a total of 10 songs of various genres, including the double title songs “Armageddon” and “Supernova.”

The new song “Supernova” ignited excitement not only because of its concept but because it was also participated in by hitmaker KENZIE in writing and composing the song.

This will showcase a dance genre with an impressive minimal track sound based on heavy kick and bass, and catchy top line, and an attractive synth melody.