Alleged Private Account of ATEEZ’s Wooyoung Leaked, Sparking Dating Rumor with Loossemble’s Hyunjin

ATEEZ’s Wooyoung and Loossemble’s Hyunjin are caught up in a dating rumor  

On November 17, netizens were captivated by post on X (Twitter) alleging that ATEEZ’s Wooyoung and Loossemble’s Hyunjin are dating. The claim is based on what is leaked from Wooyoung’s alleged private Instagram account.

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In the post, OP questioned the origin of the cat featured in the profile picture of Wooyoung’s alleged private account. OP remarked, “The cat looks strangely similar to a well-known cat on Instagram.”

Loossemble's Hyunjin

Earlier this year, Hyunjin from Loossemble introduced her fans to her new cat and has regularly been sharing photos of the cat. What caught the attention of netizens was the uncanny resemblance between Hyunjin’s cat and the cat in Wooyoung’s alleged private Instagram profile picture. 

In response to this dating rumor, netizens expressed a mix of surprise and skepticism, questioning the circumstances surrounding the alleged leak of Wooyoung’s private account. 

Some left comments such as, “How did his private account get exposed?” and “Why do idols’ private accounts keep getting leaked?” 

Others seemed doubtful, “But this isn’t confirmed,” and “We can’t be sure it’s his private account. There’s no proof,” “Is this really considered dating evidence?” 

Source: allkpop