Alleged Sexy Photos Of BLACKPINK Lisa At Crazy Horse Are Fake, As Confirmed By Actual Audience 

Controversy still surrounds BLACKPINK Lisa’s performance at the Crazy Horse cabaret 

BLACKPINK Lisa recently completed her first performance at the Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris, France. Immediately, alleged photos of the idol from the show quickly spread on social media. These photos shocked many because, although Lisa isn’t naked, her outfit is deemed too revealing and provocative for a K-pop idol. She stripped down to only black underwear and performed sensual dances.

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audience coment

However, many fans doubted the authenticity of these photos. On X, an audience member who came to watch the show revealed that some of the photos circulated after the show were fake and edited using AI. 

lisa blackpink crazy horse

Furthermore, the show had tight security measures; audiences underwent clothing, bag, shoe, and metal detector checks 2-3 times. Even glasses and wallets were thoroughly inspected, so no one could bring phones or cameras inside to record Lisa.

Choosing to perform at Crazy Horse was the boldest decision in Lisa’s career. It carries significant risks for her career. Despite mixed opinions from the public, Lisa received support from family and friends like Jisoo, Rosé, Rosalía, Austin Butler, Kaia Gerber, and the LVMH CEO’s family…

Source: K14