Almost 50,000 People Signed The Petition For “MIN HEE JIN Leave HYBE Company”

A petition titled “MIN HEE JIN Leave HYBE Company” was posted on the international petition site on the 27th of last month. As of 12 p.m. on June 9th (KST), nearly 49,000 people signed the petition. The number has exceeded 35,000 people, its the first target number. The next target of 50,000 people is also imminent.

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min hee jin-hybe

The petitioner name was ‘ARMY Forever,’ which implies that he/she might be a fan of BTS. The petitioner wrote, “I am writing to bring to your attention a serious matter that is affecting the well-being and morale of several members within Hybe group,” adding, “Recently, it has come to light that certain individuals are spreading misinformation and leading a campaign of harassment against some of your groups like BTS, ILLIT and LE SSERAFIM.”

He/she also pointed out, “Specifically, MIN HEE JIN is suspected to be paying media/reporters and working with Maccoll Consulting as reported, to spread misinformation about HYBE and rival HYBE groups with BTS, ILLIT and LE SSERAFIM pulling the front, to make her group’s contract dissolve with pressuring HYBE through value decrease. This behavior is not only unprofessional but also harmful, creating unrecoverable damage, by creating a hostile environment for those targeted under the same roof.”

min hee jin

The petitioner stressed, “I believe it is crucial for the group leadership to address this issue promptly to ensure a safe and respectful environment for all Group. I urge you to investigate these claims thoroughly and take appropriate action to prevent further harassment and spread of misinformation. And we want her to piad for every damage she caused to the company and artists.”

The petitioner transferred the contents of the KakaoTalk conversation, which CEO Min reportedly had with ADOR executives and shamanists, to English and posted them together in the petition.

Those who signed the petition left responses in various languages, such as “It is not right to defame certain idol groups and manipulate harmful public opinion,” and “I hope corrupt executives such as Min Hee-jin will be kicked out of HYBE.”