“Although I’m Not A Hero” Introduces Lead Cast With Group Poster

In JTBC’s new weekend series, a suspicious woman appears in front of a family with secret superpowers.

Although I’m Not A Hero is a fantasy romance about a man with extraordinary abilities who cannot save anyone. It is also a story of a family with superpowers who have lost their rare abilities due to a chronic disease common to modern people and a woman who becomes intertwined as if by chance with them.

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Director Cho Hyun-tak, who was recognized for his directing skills with SKY Castle, takes the lead, and writer Joo Hwa-mi, who showed storytelling that stimulates empathy through Marriage, Not Dating, pens the script. Here, writer Kang Eun-kyung, who receives absolute trust from the public for works such as Dr. Romantic, participates as a creator and improves her level of perfection.

The group poster released intrigues with the unique aura of the Bok family, a family with members possessing superpowers, and Do Da-hae, a cryptic woman. Attention is focused on what secrets and stories are hidden behind the curtain of the Bok family.

First of all, the shadowy face of Bok Gwi-joo (Jang Ki Yong) seen through the curtain evokes interest. The painful shadow reflected on the curtain makes one wonder about the story of how he fell into depression and lost his time-traveling ability.

The presence of Do Da-hae (Chun Woo Hee), a suspicious woman who comes like a lightning bolt in front of the helpless Bok Gwi-joo, who has lost both happiness and ability, also stimulates curiosity. Her keen gaze and poker face make it impossible to understand her true intentions. This further makes us even more curious about the relationship with Gwi-joo and Bok family, who are intertwined like fate by chance.

Bok Man-heum (Go Doo Shim), an insomniac with precognitive dreams ability, shows off her presence as a huge shadow, a pillar of the Bok family. Man-heum’s meaningful eyes hidden behind the curtain also raise interest.

Bok Dong-hee (Claudia Kim), the older sister of Gwi-joo with flight ability that she can’t use due to her body becoming too heavy, also steals attention. Her expression, as if she is ready to do something at any moment, clearly reflects her unpredictable personality.

Bok Yi-na (Park SoYi), the expressionless daughter of Bok family whose emotions cannot be read, was also captured. Unlike other family members, her shadow is not visible in the poster.

Lastly, Eom Soon-gu (Oh Man Seok), the housekeeper father who takes care of his family with superpowers does not have any superpowers. But the dignified shadow that shows his active role in protecting the daily lives of a dynamic super-powered family adds to the interest.

Although I’m Not A Hero premieres on May 4th at 10:30 PM on JTBC.

Source: xportsnews